Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet The Cat.

She's a rabbit, Mick.. She's just kind of funny looking for a rabbit. She's already bossing me around, threatening to chew on the laptop cord and has marked everything in the apartment (including me) as her's. She's just a little off-breed.. Y'know, one of those meat eating, short eared, long tailed rabbits. (I will point out, Scout Bunny loved eating fatty meat.. Not that I intentionally ever gave her any!)

A lady advertised a cat that her daughter had somehow spontaneously become allergic to. I think most of us who have even worked the fringes of rescue know that means "The pet has become too much work" or "We're bored with the pet" or something along those lines. I ignored it, I can't rescue every animal that comes along after all. (No, conscience, I really can't.)  But, I got worried.. and after a few days, inquired. Yeah, cat's still available.

Okay. I decided I'd go meet her. She's small, she's skinny, she's a little skittish.. she came home with me. The people didn't send her with any food, toys, litterbox, anything, just herself. I thought that a little odd.

So, we came home. She wandered around, she meowed, we discussed names. The only two she even flicked an ear at were "Coffee" and "Princess Fuzzinator Fluffypaws" .. She is also terrified of the gerbils. (I somehow doubt this'll last.) She marked everything in the apartment as her's, she ate some food (I'd suspected the amount of stuff that'd come with her and had prepared) and then showed me her trick of walking across the keyboard when she wants attention. (Matt has called this a level one cat skill.)

Discussing names via Facebook, I tried "Amy" (after the Doctor's redheaded companion) and she came running. Amy it is.

I'm just hoping she can get comfortable and consider my apartment home.. :P


  1. Looks like she has already decided that the apartment will do.

  2. lots of food ,a warm bed to call hers and lavish her with lots of attention and she will know whats good for her.well done for saving her from the idiot jeds.Some people should never have pets as the are just complete incompetents!Speedy sends Amy lots of snuggles to help her settle in,he loves her already and thinks she's cool

  3. Can you hear the thumping going on here? Mr. Mick is not fooled, and he is highly disapproving. He blames the foo' gerbils for starting all this and says that a perfectly good bunny-slave is being wasted on inferior animals. I got a very painful snubbing and several foot-flicks when I pointed out that you were doing a very good deed by rescuing a fellow animal from a life of neglect. I'll give him some fennel for dinner; he'll be fine, although a bit grumbly for a day or two.

    (Personally, I think she's adorable...but shhhhhhhh, you didn't hear it from me. ) ;)

  4. D'awwwwwe it's a kitty! Also thumbs up for the Doctor Who reference :P

  5. Welcome Amy! Nice display of your growing cat skills too, can't wait to see more:)

  6. Hi Lorna! I wanted to send you an email, but didn't find one listed so I will leave you this note here. I wanted to THANK YOU so very much for your kind comment on my blog regarding feeding Papa Goose. My entire life I have always seen folks feeding the geese bread. I truly did not know it was bad for them. I try to educate people on what is good for bunnies without yelling at them. You educated me about geese without yelling "you stupid idiot" and that is so very kind. I went to a local garden shop today and purchased "Proper wild goose/duck food." I will do a follow up post to educate those that read my blog and will give you full credit and a link to your blog.
    Again, thank you for being kind, thank you for the education and thank you for being a special critter lover too.
    xx, Michelle and the Bunnies
    Oh, and I'll be following your blog now too.

    1. Hi Bunnies and Michelle :)

      I only know so much about geese, ducks and chickens due to Tiff over at (Ducks and Clucks) .. She is a wonderful caregiver of all things feathered. (And one long suffering cat :)

      I couldn't actually tell what you were feeding them in the pics, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt.. but just in case.. :)

      Thank you for the kind words! .. And for spoiling all things feathered and furred. :)