Friday, November 30, 2012

[Random Gerbil Silliness] How to exhaust a gerbil..

How to exhaust one gerbil :

Give him an entire toilet paper roll to play with / destroy.

Poor little guy, fell asleep beside it. He really did his best to destroy the whole thing, but only made it about halfway through burrowing into it, then managed a spray of white fluff as he attacked it tooth and claw. He came out to spread the new fluff around and ended up just curling up where he was, without even burrowing.

I'm sure he'll be a right trooper and continue on with his task after his sleep. :D


  1. How precious. Did you take pictures? Video? You should not tease us with cuteness if you don't post pics!!! Gerbils are so dang cute.

  2. Unfortunately, 'cause he's so small I have to use macro on the camera and all you really get is the bars.. and if I open the door to take a pic of him without the bars, well, all you'll get is a very large, very blurry gerbil nose.. :D

  3. Freddie!hehehe thats my pal Auntie Lorna,xx Speedy

    1. I'm actually working on one, Speedy .. Just been a bit slow since I'm doing a custom piece of art for it. :)

    2. Oooooh Auntie Lorna!Thats sooo exciting...hehe,xx Speedy