Monday, November 19, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] 'Cause Mr Mick said so.

"Dat's right! Listen to your master!"

"WOOHOO!" Cried Hannah, "I've figured out the right compound mix for the rocket fuel!"

The bunnies quickly gathered around and applauded. "I still think we shoulda just stolen it from NASA." Mickey muttered.

Hannah gave him the Look Of Doom that does did so well. "Then we'd have had to steal one of their ships too, and if I may point out, their ships are now in museums?"

Mickey scuffed at the carpet, "Details.." he muttered and promptly got a headbutt in the shoulder from best-friend Speedy. (English Dandelions had an extra crisp consistency.)

"We get to go to space!" Speedy said, trying not to run around on spot in anticipation.

"Be easier if they just had closets on the ISS." Mickey grumbled.

"No coats." Hannah said, peering down her granny glasses at him. Its not that she needed them, but her Mom always seemed to do better work with them on.

"Another lack of humanity's part." Mick said, giving his paw a lick and then brushing his luxurious coat with said paw.

Hannah looked from one to the other, "Now, you boys WILL be good, right? Won't get in any trouble? Won't destroy the Moon or Earth or Solar system or anything?"

Speedy and Mick exchanged a glance and gave Hannah their bestest innocent looks.

She let out a long sigh, "That's about what I thought."

* * *

"Systems check?" Speedy asked.

"Hell if I know, Racer programmed the automated systems. He said just push the big red button when we wanted to go."

Speedy shrugged a shoulder, reached over and hit the big red button with his forepaw. There was a click, then a clunk, then a whir.

"Might want to sit back." Mick said, making sure his harness was secure. The seats pivoted so that they didn't have to sit on their backs like silly humans did.

"Right!" Speedy agreed, wiggling back into the harness with only a few grunts and one lost tuft of fur.

The whirring was getting louder. Even with cotton stuffed in their ear canals they were getting protests from their brains. Then there was a sudden woooooosh! and the rocket launched up into the sky.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Exclaimed Speedy as he was pushed down into the seat. This was faster than he'd ever gone before!

"Arrgak!" Mickey managed, worried that his fragile bones were going to break under the pressure. Maybe they should have done some of the testing NASA put its astrowhatsitspeople through.. but it had all seemed rather silly human games at the time. Not to mention, entirely too many of the games took place under water. Mickey hated getting wet, it took so long for his thick fur to dry out!

Speedy was managing to bounce in place in glee as the blue sky faded to black and the forces of gravity lessened and lessened until they were floating against their harnesses, the forward screen (No wind, so it couldn't be a wind screen!) covered in stars. "Ooooo.." both bunnies breathed.

"How long till we get to the station?" Mick asked.

Speedy checked Winston's notes on the calculations. "Six hours. That's why we had to leave at that time, so we didn't have to do a full orbit to catch up and then a second in alignment."

"Nap?" Mick asked.

"Most indubitably!" Speedy answered.

Mick closed one eye to give Speedy a hairy look. He wasn't quite sure if his English friend was teasing him or being genuine. He decided he was much too tired from all that stress and excitement to figure it out. Nap time, indeed!

* * *

"That's the last of them!" Speedy announced as he nosed a tank into their space ship. The two foot furless were on the arm trying to count stars or something silly. The two foot furless who was supposed to be keeping watch was taking a nap. The bunnies had approved of that, most humans didn't appreciate the importance of naps AND it made it easier for them to steal every research animal out of the station.

"They didn't treat us too badly," A lady skunk was saying as Mick helped her out of her cage, "Just .. all that whirling, and twirling, and floating .. and your lunch never wants to stay where you put it.."

Mick commiserated, there was just about nothing worse than an uncooperative lunch. He was escorting animals through the closet. Hannah, Racer and Winston were in charge of helping the wild creatures get back to the wild and the not-so-wild find good homes that wouldn't make get injections and cold thermometers in uncomfortable places.

Mick came back to find Speedy sitting and waiting for him. "All the cages back?" He asked.

"YUP!" Though, they might be a bit suspicious at how the locks were all smashed.

There'd been a long strategic meeting on how to get the cages open and how. Maddy and Umbra had suggested the "Brute Force and Ignorance" plan. So, Speedy had stolen the cages, Mick got them open and took the creature back to earth and came back. Mick had to admit, he was pretty dizzy and wondering about the lay of lunch himself. That was *a lot* of closet usage!

He stumbled back to the controls with a yawn while Speedy disconnected them from the station. When all the lights were green, Mick told Speedy they were clear and Speedy hopped up and secured himself to the seat. Mick pushed the big red button and the maneurvering jets fired on Racer's preplanned course.

For the next several hours the ship made its way away from the station, heading into the great blackness of the void. The two bunnies shared some chocolate covered digestive biscuits, which let them play 'chase the crumbs' and had some mint tea to wash it down with.  Afterwards was another important nap.

A chime woke the two, "Well, that's it then. You gonna head home?" Mick asked.

"I better. Grandma's supposed to be coming over.. and she said something about a hat to match my scarf. I just hope it has ear holes!"

Mick blinked at that. He hoped HIS Mom didn't get any bright ideas along those lines! "K! Well, I'll IM you tomorrow then!"

Speedy nodded, "Will do!"

Speedy stepped into the specially made closet and Mick licked his paws while he waited for it to cycle before taking his own turn. He snuck back into his cage, looking most distraught at the complete lack of oats. His Mom was slacking again! Why, with only a salad, pellets and seeds he could *starve!*

A sigh of the long suffering bun, he flomped down for another nap. There'd better be oats when he woke up!

* * *

The human watched him as his paws twitched and his whiskers danced. "What do you think he dreams of?" He asked.

The female looked over and shrugged, "Digging up carrots, I suppose. Not that he's ever had that opportunity.. maybe its just instinctive."

"Sounds pretty boring. But I guess if you're only a rabbit.."

The human male was fairly lucky that Mick was too deep asleep to hear the "only".


  1. Mr. Mick made sure to approve this story before his evening nap--and fortunately for the human male, he is usually off to bed when Mick is out and about or there would be some heck to pay. ;)

  2. Whooooohoooooo I wondered why Speedy has been extra tired....Hmmm I'd better keep an eye on Speedy.....Oh why bother he's to quick for that any way,as long as he minds his p's and Q's,Rachel

    1. Speedy is never less than a gentleman. :) He tries to make his Mummy proud. ;)