Monday, November 19, 2012

[Blog Award] And the winner is...

(Little Freddie Gerbil hops up onto stage and scurries his way to the podium.)
"*Ahem*" Said the little gerbil, standing on the very tips of his back toes to reach the rabbit sized microphone. A jump up and he grabbed it with front paws and with the sounds of scurrying being projected through the room, he scrambled up to sit on top of the mic.  "I wants to thank everybun for welcoming me into your fuzzy family .. even though I'm not a bunny. This just prooves bunnies, and their humans, are the bestest."

Satisfied with the speech, he nodded twice, "Oh. And thank you!" he added, not quite sure he'd been polite enough. He then hopped off the mic, scurried down the cord and off stage, leaving a long suffering Dutch to carry the award. The thing was bigger than the gerbil, he couldn't even move it with his nose. He had no idea where he was going to put it -thing wouldn't even fit in his cage!

But.. It sure was pretty and shiny! Rabbits sure did know how to spoil a guy!

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