Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Gerbilly Silliness] Seven things about Freddie.

Since Katie over at .. Shouldn't it be Katie and Glogirly? Not the other way around? .. asked so nice..

Seven things about Freddie Gerbil.

1) Freddie and Fergie were biological brothers. They were just naughty, incestual, homosexual brothers. (I tried to stop them, Mr Kirk Cameron, I explained to them several times that you said such is "unnatural" .. but you know gerbils, just never listen!)

2) Freddie won't run on any wheel but the one that's in his cage at the moment. The wire wheel he just keeps tipping over and shoving against the door, the wheel at my parents place he yanks off and tries to eat, the plastic wheel before the one that's in there now was ingested.. overnight.

3) Freddie will chew ANYTHING. Bunny people think bunnies are bad.. but he can out speed nom a Speedy bunny! A toilet paper roll (empty) is gone in two minutes. A willow ball in about 45 seconds. A paper towel roll in about three minutes. I should give him a full toilet paper roll and see how long it takes him. He loves playing with them, but anything edible just doesn't last. I use him as my recycling shredder.

4) The only time Freddie will climb into my hand is if I have a pumpkin seed in it. Not even for a popped piece of popcorn will he.. he'll *step* onto it for popcorn, but not actually get all four feet onto my hand.

5) I stash food over all three levels off his cage so he has to run up and down the ramps. (Okay, sometimes he just climbs the sides.) He started picking it up and throwing it down rather than eating it in spot, so I started tying it in place. See #3 for how long ANYTHING lasts for holding the large chew pellets in place. He outsmarts me regularly.

6) Freddie is not scared of anything. Cats, dogs, neither of them bother him. (He, in fact, scared a friend's dog.) He did cheep at a bird and couldn't figure it out and so went on to ignore it, but other wise, he thinks carnivores are for taunting. (I'm not sure parrots count as carnivores anyway.)

7) Freddie is approaching his second birthday, I think. (I'm lousy with time and dates) Other than a touch of arthritis in the mornings, he's going strong.

Phew. Hope that pleases Katie. I'll try and keep Freddie from wiggling his tail at her.


  1. I told Mr. Mick about Freddie's seven things. He shook his head, flopped on his side, muttered "Foo' gerbil...", and went to sleep. Foo' wabbit. :)

    1. Let's not tell Mick he's Freddies second bestest friend then. ;)

  2. Heheehee I love Freddie auntie Lorna!Please can you pop round I have an award for you,oh can you bring Freddie?xx Speedy

    1. I have been by -- I saw the award! (Thank you!) The link on the picture was broken, so I was going to come back today to snag it if it was all better :)