Friday, August 17, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] Short and Silly.

Speedy Rabbit   &   Freddie Gerbil

"Ready?" Asked Speedy.

"Yup!" Chirped Freddie, triple checking his seat on Speedy's neck, paws holding a hunk of fur each.

"Steady?" Asked Speedy.

"Yup!" Freddie said as Speedy's bum started to wiggle in warm up and glee.

"GO!" Speedy yelled and took off, going from a full stop to a full speed run in betweenst two heartbeats, Freedie whooping in delight as Speedy navigated turn from hallway to lounge, lounge to dining room, looped under the chairs, into the kitchen and out into the backyard.

His Mummy had been very nicely holding the door for him. Or maybe herself since she had gardening tools in hand.

As Speedy started the first loop of the yard, unable to resist the odd binky that caused the gerbil to yip like he'd fall off (Like Speedy'd let THAT happen!), he heard his Mummy call to his Dad. "Does Speedy have a mouse on his head?"

"Yes, dear." came the distracted reply.

Speedy could just picture his Mum rolling her eyes as she put things down to go see what Dad was up to.

Around the roses bushes, past the daisies, nom a bite of wisteria on the way past, and skid into the shade by the door, panting. "PHEW!"

Freddie had to slowly peel his paws open from where Speedy flomped. He blinked, whiskers and nose twitching rapidly. "That was FUN!"

Speedy grinned, panting. "Twice a day, every day, Speedy special express!"

Freddie scarpered off the rabbit and up into the house where he came out dragging a bowl of water. It took careful manuevering to get it down the step, but he got it over to a grateful Speedy who took a long drink.

"NOW, what's this game called Blackjack you were talking about?" Speedy asked.

Freddie grinned, "Glad you asked! Because I like you, and you're new, we'll just play for sunflower seeds, k?"

"Er.. sure." Speedy said, game enough but slightly suspicious already.

"Okay, it all starts with a deck of cards!" Freddie declared, pulling a rabbit sized deck of cards from his magical bag. Speedy got a little more suspicious.

"You can count to twenty-one right? Oh, well, don't worry about it, it's easy.." Freddie said, managing to shuffle the cards by counting them into random piles a few times.

Speedy lowered his head to look at Freddie in the eye, "You wouldn't cheat your friend who just gave you a high speed chase, would you?"

"Er, y'know what? Let's just play for blades of grass.." Freddie said, "Who needs sunflower seeds anyway?"

Speedy snorted, "And yes, I can count to twenty-one! Mum taught me lots of stuff!"

Freddie paused, trying to imagine the scene of a human teaching a rabbit how to count and couldn't quite wrap his rodenty brain around it and decided instead to just work on keeping his cards unnibbled. Mick, in particular, was bad for wanting  to nom them instead of playing with them!


  1. Mr. Mick says he can't help it if the foo' gerbil's cards smell like treats. He thinks the foo' gerbil does it on purpose to try to distract him.

  2. Bwahhhhhaaahahaha love it like Freddie could pull the wool over Speedy's eye hahahahahah,but you got it right Speedy does tear around like thatI shall have to look more closely know to see if Freddie is on the back of Speedys neck now,we love you Lorna that was the perfect fun filled fix for the weekend bless you!have a great week end.Speedy and Rach

  3. Umbra loves to play cards! But only52 pick up lol