Friday, August 17, 2012

Animal stories/fiction.

If you want a tail tale about your fuzzy, feathered or scaled furkid, send me a link to your blog (comment below or or a picture, with their name and a bit of their history, or personality, or whatever you like.

Warning, I will probably get their personality wrong and make them be nice to a gerbil. :)


  1. Nah not possible you never get it wrong

  2. You can write about my Umbra =].

    We're pretty much alike, controlling know-it-alls with great hair. Umbra is very demanding and if she doesn't get her way you will regret it (she's not afraid to use force- or bite of a chunk of your hair or growl or scratch your feet). She's a bit of a dare-devil and her curiosity usually gets her caught in sticky situations (from which she is ungraciously rescued. Pretty much she is my little queen and I am just her humble servant.

    1. well if Umbra is you Queen then Speedy is my Prince