Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] Take me out to the hockey game! (Part Two)(

She couldn't do worse than the 2012 Canucks.. :P

"SHOOOOOOOT!!!" Mr Mick yelled, thumping his hindfoot in frustration.

They'd divied up who would support which team, and unfortunately the red team was getting slaughtered 10 - 2.  The blue team could just outskate them.

Three on three hockey, it turned out, was a much faster paced game than regular hockey. The only play stops were for penalties and injuries. When a goal was scored the goalie just shot the puck to one of his own players, the opposing team having to retreat to their own blue line. Six bodies skating the ice instead of ten meant much more room, which was an advantage to the quick and nimble skaters, a huge disadvantage to those who relied on size and strength.

Speedy, Cookies and Twinkle had appeared with two pizzas, a case of grape soda and some peanuts. The other buns had all been very impressed with the vegetarian taco pizza, it was just full of rabbit yummy things like lettuce and tomatoes and cheese.

With scooching and reordering and careful debate (Maddy ordered everyone but Hannah about), they'd gotten comfortable, shared food and divided up cheering.

"You have cheese in your mane, dear." Hannah said to Maddy with no little amount of superiority.

"Oh dear, Harrington, sweetie, can you get that out for me?" Maddy asked, batting eyelashes at the buck.

"I, er.. uhm.." He looked between the two does and decided now would be a very good time to clean between his toes.

"Tsk. Guess you'll just have to groom yourself." Hannah said with the fake sweetness only women can achieve.

Weasley head-nudged Mr Mick, "I thought we'd brought all bunnies, not a couple of cats."

Mr Mick sniggered in that male thinks he's superior way. He then turned to find two females, ears back, glaring at him. "He said it!" He yelped in defense.

"I know." Hannah said, leaning towards Mick, "But Weasley doesn't have a chance of avoiding me if I try to shove him off this beam.." She let the threat hang.

"Er, sorry?" he offered, backpeddling verbally and physically. He then stopped. "WOO! WE SCORED!" He bounced up and down in spot. "We scored! We scored!"

Speedy added his own foot thumps to the cheering and happiness of Mick, Weasley and Cookies. "Er.. but aren't we still losing 12-3?"

"SHush! We can make a come back!" Mr Mick boxed the air in excitement. "We can do it! C'mon Red!!"

Weasley rolled his eyes, "Even I can see they haven't a hop in hell."

The buzzer sounded the end of the second period and the two teams switched sides and the clock indicated the five minute break.

"We should have brought a litterbox." Twinkle said quietly, feeling a bit out of place with all these new chatty rabbits.

"Oh! I have one in the bunny portal.. The hay might be old tho, I don't think its been changed in a couple days." Weasley snapped a paw and the portal opened for him and he dug around inside before dragging out a decent sized litter pan.

The rabbits took their turns and were ready for the last period with Weasley deciding it was probably a good time for a nap. Hockey food was nice enough, but it wasn't much of a fun game to listen to. It was probably better on TV when you had a commentator to tell you what was going on. Mick and Speedy were enthusiastic, but they weren't very helpful.

"Is there any pizza left?" Harrington asked politely.

"There's some still in Maddy's mane," Hannah said smugly.

"HAY! Just because your fur is bland and easy to care for doesn't mean mine is!" Maddy thumped.

Hannah gave the young thing a quick growl at the insult, "At least I can eat without wearing my food!"

"Sometimes." Harrington muttered.

Hannah turned on him.

"Er, I'll just be over here.." He hopped over peedy to investigate the possibility of pizza remains in the boxes.

Speedy looked from one lady to the other, he leaned over and grabbed the cheese out of Maddy's mane. "I think you're both really pretty," he said to his toes. He was pretty sure that his fur had turned pink with his embarassment.

"Aww." Hannah gave him a lick upside the ear.

Maddy snuggled up beside him. "Aren't you the sweetest?" She rubbed her chin against his nose, "That's a lovely accent, by the way, where did you say you were from?"

"Merp." Speedy managed to the snickers of Mick and Weasley.

He was saved from having to respond by the third period starting.

It seemed to zip by, with blue taking the win with a 27-6 final score. They all agreed that poor Red's goalie really didn't have much of a chance with zero defense.

The bunnies parted, leaving Weasley, Mr Mick and Speedy to clean up and make sure they left nothing but tumbleweed fur behind.

Speedy was stifling yawns as he headed home. It had been a very long day already, and his Mum thought he was out in the yard hiding under a rose bush. He had to be extra sneaky to get back to it without his Mum seeing him coming out of the linen closet.

Weasley let Mick drop him off and guide him back to his bed, too tired to navigate himself. "That was fun." Weasley mumbled.

"Even if our team lost." Mr Mick muttered. He didn't like losing, even by proxy!

"Next time pick the other team." Weasley offered.

Mr Mick tilted his head sideways trying to grasp that logic. He finally gave it up as a lost cause and said his goodbyes before heading to his own home.

He managed to arrive in time to nom on The Boy's sneakers and dash back to the safety of "his area" that he, of course, couldn't get out of under any circumstances so The Boy must have left them somewhere he shouldn't.

Pizza, friends, and being mean to The Boy with no possibility of punishment. It had been a good day.


  1. yay Lorna Great Part two of the hockey game story,Can't wait to ready it to Speedy though he might get a little shy at the girly stuff but I'm sure he'll love Speedy's Mum

  2. Heehee, Mr. Mick thoroughly approves, especially the ending. :)

  3. Maddy is such a flirt LOL! Loved it, thanks for including her again Lorna! :)

  4. Great ending to the story. And I'm very happy that no bunny fell off the beam.