Friday, June 1, 2012

International Binky Day (2012 edition)

I know I'm (mostly) preaching to the choir here -- but pass the word to friends, family, coworkers.. heck, innocent bystanders on the street..

So often we just sigh when we hear the "Oh, we used to have rabbits.." stories. We twitch and debate the argument and information session, but we're busy, we have places to be, rabbits to feed.. We don't want to rock the boat.. We don't want to offend someone by getting on our soapbox..  It's hard, I know it is.

That's why today on National Binky Day (International, in my opinion, since the poster is from Great Britain, land of Speedy Rabbit and Whisky rabbit and.. and I'm in Canada. :) ) find one person who doesn't know better and explain to them the wonders of pet rabbits. Explain to them that even er.. not-pet rabbits.. deserve room to run, play, and live. (Just like chickens, and cows, and pigs, and..)

I had a rather one sided debate with a poor innocent gent last night in Star Wars : The Old Republic. It's an Online Video Game.. One of them MMO things. Yes, I'm a geek AND a crazy bunny lady. The two aren't mutually exclusive brands of insanity. (If Lord Vader had had a pet bunny he probably wouldn't have screwed up so badly. That bunny would have been a smarter overlord than that silly Emperor.) I let it drop eventually when he tried to convince me that even though this bunnies were kept 2 or 3 to a hutch they had plenty of room.

Now, in my opinion, a bunny needs 10' x 10' at the minimum for its personal space and plenty of run room for a couple hours a day to kick up his hocks and bounce around. I can't decide if a second bunny needs just as much room or just another 5' x 5'. I know Scout and Sage used to "Bunny 500" together, but it was typically one chasing the other rather than side by side. Of course, they had the whole length of my trailer to get going in.

If you can't think of a non-bunny to pounce on and educate, well, you'll just have to binky. This means, you get to bounce up in spot like a piece of popcorn and shake your head about. (The hip twist is optional, I don't want to be responsible for damaged humans -- salads may be late!)

I think all great bunny education starts with a very cute picture.. :)


  1. Don't worry Lorna what ohter people think about you being a Geek or a Crazy Bunny Lady I think you are great so keep at it as you will get through to those other humans,as for me I love all you bunny stories cause you give me and the gang such great adventures.lots of nose bonks Speedy

  2. Aww.. Thank you Speedy. I know Speedy binkies are the bestest binkies.. :)

    1. I do love to binky but also I love to zoom about as fast as can too just like I did yesterday with mum...teehee!