Sunday, June 10, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] Speedy Rabbit and the abandoned house!

Speedy Rabbit and Mr Mick had a bro-date. Speedy had managed to get a copy of the schedule of the Olympics and the two were going to sit down and plan out what they wanted to see and when. The tricky bit was fitting in nap times, food times, and show up so your human see's you just often enough not to be suspicious times.

Making sure him Mum was busy with the dishes, he ducked into the linen closet. He thought very strongly of Mr Mick's place but was interupted just before transport with a mighty sneeze. He landed in a very dusty closet and sneezed again. And again. Shaking his head, his ears brushed old cobwebs. "Gah!" squeaked Speedy with a sideways hop.

Curious as to where he was he nosed open the closet door. It seemed he was in a very old house of some sort. Perhaps it was a Victorian mansion he had heard about? He'd heard they had all sorts of secrets that women bought and men appreciated. Humans were strange. It smelled very musty and the air was still. He could hear the strangest thump-thump noise coming from deeper in the house, followed by very high pitched squeaks.

The windows were boarded up, but enough light snuck in through the slats to give one sharp-eyed rabbit a navigatable route. (Okay, so it really was only one eye that was sharp, since the other had been misbehaving lately, but Speedy wasn't letting that slow him down!) He found himself navigating around some twisty stairs, heading down into murky below. The stairs had once had carpet on them, but now the carpet was dusty and rotted and mostly gone. He could just about see that maybe they'd been a royal red with some sort of border. Maybe this was a lost royal's house? That would be one heck of a secret!

Reaching the floor below, he hopped along the old, bleached, half-varnished floor boards. Some bits were slick, some were rough. Time hadn't been kind to the wood. There were piles of things that might once have been furniture. The strange thump-thump, squeak-squeak was getting louder as he slowed down to make sure he didn't fall into any holes or get eaten by any grues.

Whiskers twitching, trails of cobwebs hanging off them, Speedy snuck around a corner. He was beyond stealthy, a white ninja in a dark world.. right up until rapid fire sneezes gave him away!

The thumping and squeaking stopped. Speedy froze, not moving. Silence ruled over the house. "Hello?" a high pitched voice asked tremulously.

"Hello?" Speedy echoed, peering around the gloom and finally spotting the owner of the voice, a small rodenty creature with large skin wings. Was that a BAT? "Are you a Bat?" Speedy asked with more curiosity than tact.

"Uh huh." The little fellow dropped from where he'd been beating against some of the wooden boards to the sill to look down upon Speedy. "You're a funny colour for a rabbit." He said, peering short-sightedly.

"I'm a house rabbit!" Speedy said proudly, puffing up his chest. He hopped over. "What're you trying to do?"

"GET OUT!" The bat wailed, "I'm STUCK. And I'm HUNGRY!"

Speedy back peddled, "You're not a vampire are you?!" He'd heard about vampires. He didn't believe the latest public relations attempt that vampires were pretty and good and sparkly. EVERYONE knew that vampires were scary and turned into bats and things.

"No!" He squeaked, "I eat bugs and stuff, not rabbits!"

"Oh. Phew." Speedy hopped forward again, front paws reaching up to the sill in a long rabbit stretch along the wall. "I'm Speedy!"

"I'm Fredrico." The bat said, holding out a little wing hand to shake Speedy's paw.

"Back up a lil!" Speed said and as Fredrico did so he gave a mighty heave of his back paws and leapt up onto the sill with only a little scrabbling necessary. He sniffed at the boards on the window. "Well, this should be no problem!"

"No problem?" The bat asked.

"Well, sure. Just a nibble here.." Speedy demonstatrated what a rabbit's powerful teeth could do, "And a nibble there.." he added as he moved. "And maybe a little over here.. And.." he turned around and applied a mule kick to the boards, splitting one of the broad boards in half, the bits spiralling to the vegetaion down below, sun streaming in. "There!" Speedy said happily.

Fredrico flapped up and flew out the window and back in with several loop de loops. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He landed with more flap than grace, "Anything I can do in return?"

"Er.. well.. find me a closet?" Speedy asked. He should probably be getting home, Mr Mick and he would have to plan another day. His Mum would probably be looking for him soon!

The bat blinked a few times at the strange request. "Well, I think I know just about the whole house four times over now.." He shifted from foot to foot and then launched into the air, "I know! This way!"

Speedy launched off the sill to run after the bat. He found himself having to slow down a bit from his usual mad hatter pace but soon enough he was in what had probably once been a kitchen.

"Is this a closet?" Fredrico asked, landing on the doorknob of a half opened door that started to swing at his weight. The bat flapped his wings several times and had to take flight to land on what was once a counter of some sort.

"Yes!" Well, it was a pantry, but the principal was the same, right? "Thank you!"

"No, thank *you!*" Said the bat.

Speedy gave a bunny giggle and waved a paw to his new friend as he darted into the pantry. "Can you give the door a shove?" He asked.

Fredrico launched in another batter of wings and thumped against the door, causing it to creek closed.

Speedy took a deep breath and scrunched up his eyes. He'd get it right this time, he knew he would!

Opening his eyes he found himself in a garden shed. He shook his head in irritation. NOW where was he? Nosing out the door he found himself in his grandma's garden. Oh, fine, close enough! He'd just stay here till his Mum came and found him! Obviously the bunny portal was being affected by sun spots or something.

He flomped in the grass. He sure hoped his Mum wouldn't take long, he was kind of hungry after his busy day!


  1. See? I knew we would find out why Speedy was covered in cobwebs and in his grandma's shed! Lorna knows all, tells all. :)

  2. Yes Jade,you're right Lorna knows all!Heehee.Great Story Lorna you even mentioned Speedy's naughty Eye,it made me giggle and a little gulp and snif

  3. Lorna don't forget to enter Speedy's prize draw

  4. Too funny! What a great story!