Monday, May 7, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] Take me out to the hockey game!

Fergie may have passed on, but he deserves one last story, right?

Mr Mick says so!

* * *

The two gerbils perched in front of the rabbits nose, visably vibrating. "Do you think we should wake him up?" asked Fergie.

"Never wake up a sleeping rabbit," Freddie answered, quite seriously. "For they shall be cranky and try to bite off your tail."

"Well, how long should we wait then?" Fergie asked, trying not to bounce up and down in his excitement.

"Dunno -- till he wakes up." Freddie replied, twisting to lick his tail.

"*HE* woke up five minutes ago," the rabbit grumped, rolling onto his stomach from his very comfy flop to glare at the gerbils. "HE was hoping you would GO AWAY and let HIM go back to sleep!" he continued.

The gerbils bounced up and down in spot. "We got you the tickets!" Fergie announced.

"Well, there's no ACTUAL tickets, but.."

Mr Mick ran out of patience with the silly rodents and thumped a foot. "What are you two on about?"

"HOCKEY!" they said in synch.

Mick gave them a long flat look of disapproval.

"You said you wanted to take Speedy to a hockey game!" Freddie exclaimed, "So we found you a hockey game!"

Fergie nodded enthusiastically.

"It wasn't easy, y'know. Half of the best teams are already out of the playoffs. Bruins gone, and they're the closest.. Anyway, since we couldn't find professional, we decided to go amuteur."

Mr Mick wondered if he looked like he cared for all these details or if they two were just afraid if they shut up they'd start thinking or something.

"Anyway - we found some teen three on three." Freddie said. "Its not as BIG as NHL real hockey, but its fast paced and fun."

It took Mr Mick a few minutes to realize they'd stopped talking. He shook his head to get the piping voices out of his ears. "I wanted to find hockey?" He finally asked.

"Sure, you said so in your blog!" Fergie said. He looked to Freddie. "Didn't he?"

"He did!" The little grey gerbil thumped a little hind foot. "You did!" he repeated to Mick.

The rabbit sighed, "I guess I did. When is this hockey game?" he asked, hoping it wouldn't be in the middle of dinner or nap time. A rabbit had to have his priorities.

* * *

"Why don't we invite some other buns too?" Speedy asked over Skype. It wasn't that he didn't like Mr Mick, it was just if he was going to sneak out, they might as well make a party of it.

"Ooooh.." Mr Mick said, "Okay!" He promptly fired off a message to the Bun Underground mailing list making it an open invite. He heard The Boy walking his way, "Gotta go, the idiot ape is coming this way. Probably something about a phone charger.." Mr Mick flicked off the tablet and tucked it under his litterbox before flomping on the floor.

Might as well catch up on some sleep while ignoring The Boy.

* * *

Mr Mick appeared in the arena's closet, bearing ducking a hockey stick that had been kicked over by an accidental prone Harrington. Hannah tisked at him. "Watch where you put those helicopter ears of yours!"

Harrington sighed, "I was making room for Weasley," he explained.

"Weasley can't see," Weasley added to Harrington's defense.

"I know, Weasley dear," Hannah said with a lick to his nose, "But somebuns still need to watch where THEY'RE going, he almost KO'd our host."

Mr Mick shook his head at the small crowd, ears flapping. "I'm not sure I'm the host.."

"Better you than a couple of gerbils!" Weasley said with a stomped foot.

"I kind of like the gerbils.." Speedy said quietly, studying his claws.

"Oh we all like the gerbils, Speedy, its the principal of the matter." Hannah explained and gave her mate a head shove. "Now, who is explaining this hockey stuff?"

"That would be MOI." A voice said appearing out of the shadows of transport. The first rule of divaness was to always make an entrance! She stopped in the beam of light coming through the crack of the door, blue scarf jauntily flipped over one shoulder.

"Who is Moi?" Weasley asked, sniffing the air, not recognizing the scent.

"ME!" The little rabbit said with a foot thump and ear flick, "MADDY." She added with disdain that someone didn't know who she was.

The small group of rabbits all exchanged looks. Hannah shrugged a shoulder. Speedy looked bewildered, Harrington suppressed a yawn, Mr Mick cleared his throat, "Er, right, well, welcome Maddy."

She siddled up to Speedy, "Mr British Handsome invited me."

His ears twitched around in surprise, "Er, actually.. Mick invited everyone.. and it was kind of an open invite and uhm.."

Hannah rolled her eyes and gave the much smaller girl a light shove, "C'mon, Speedy's shy, don't torment the poor boy."

Speedy felt he should probably protest but instead retreated to Weasley, offering to be his guide for the night.

"Better than gerbils who forget where a rabbit's head is," Weasley grumbled after thanking his overseas friend.

Maddy shrugged off the criticism, she knew she was awesome, hardly her fault if these silly rural rabbits didn't realize it too. "Okay - well, hockey." She said, making sure the light shone from behind, highlighting her fur and perfect ears.

"Are you Canadian?" Harrington butted in.

"No!" Maddy replied, indignant. Canadian? Really!

"Then how do you know about hockey?" Mr Mick asked, suspicious. He knew girls liked to just make stuff up.

She rolled her eyes, "Hello! Just because I live in California, doesn't mean I can't appreciate hockey! The USA just beat Canada at the world's you know!"

A gaggle of rabbits all nodded and murmered that of course they knew that and USA was number one. Speedy thought Britain could win gold if they had a team.

"ANYWAY!" She continued, giving the group a scathing glance that said don't interupt me again or face my wrath, "Hockey." She sat up on her back paws. "Hockey is an ancient and important sport.."

"Not to be rude, but skip the details or we'll miss the game." Mick interjected.

Maddy ground her teeth and counted cracks in the floor. "Fine. Its a bunch of hairless monkeys on thin sticks of metal on their feet, sliding around on ice after a little black piece of rubber that tastes horrible. They try and get the puck, the black rubber thing, in the goal. They stop that by hitting each other with themselves and sticks. Its fast paced and fun."

They all agreed that did sound fun.

"What's the snack of choice?" Speedy asked.

"What?" Maddy echoed.

"Movies you eat popcorn, baseball its hotdogs.." Mick offered,

"Oh, and football you drink beer!" Weasley threw in.

"Yeah, and soccer you eat grass!" Speedy said.

"Beer, pretzels and pizza." Maddy replied. Apes would celebrate anything with that, she felt it was pretty safe to say.

They all agreed that pizza was pretty much awesome, though there was some dissent on whether pizza was better or worse than beer and where it all ranked in comparison to dried banana chips and oat hay.

"C'mon, we better find our seats." Hannah ordered, hopping towards the door.

"Who put you in charge?" Maddy muttered, not wanting to follow the bigger rabbit's butt.

"Me, that's who." Hannah said, looking down her nose at the Lionhead. Easy going and friendly she may be, but there was only so much snottitude she'd put up with.

"Er, right." Maddy agreed, deciding now was a pretty good time to groom her perfect fluffy tail.

The rabbits trailed out of the closet, following Hannah after she called the all clear. Maddy sighed and followed. At least all the cobbywebs would be cleared out by the bigger, clumsier, lagomorphs.

* * *

Speedy had given up and just told Weasley to hold his tail. He'd been a bit nervous about this, he really didn't want his tail bitten. Human's thought tail tweaking was fun, but they were just wrong.. and having his tail bitten would be even worse. Fortunately, Weasley had a very gentle mouth and was more than able to keep up with Speedy as they navigated their way up to the rafters.  The fun bit had been getting onto the girders.

They all agreed they were marvelous seats, even if Harrington commented that it would be a bit of a trip to go get snacks. "We can send the girls." Mr Mick said.

Maddy snapped her teeth at him, Hannah threatened to shove him off the beam.

"Or, er, I could go?" Mr Mick corrected.

Harrington's smartphone buzzed and he dug it out of the bunny carry all portal. "Its Cookies and Twinkle, they wanna know where we are, they can't see anything but stinky human feet."

Speedy hopped over Weasley, "I'll go get them!" he offered.

"Oh, bring back some snacks!" Weasley didn't really ask, offering Speedy the loan of a bunny portal.

Speedy sniffed at the magical device with interest. He thought about how many scarfs he could have if he had a portal of his own. He'd have to find out where the older buns got their's!

Time to get some food, help some new friends, and then he'd get to watch this hockey thing! He just couldn't wait!

* * *

To be continued .. by whomever gets to it first. ;)

* * *

Mr Mick is from - Zen of Bun (And his latest round of tummy issues have nothing to do with garbage eating at sports games, I swear, Jade!)
Speedy is from - Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny (Sure, he's hiding under the bushes and playing hide and go seek, not watching hockey games.. honest!)
Hannah and Harrington are from - The Raspberry Rabbit (Researching things to stitch at sports games, no doubt.)
Weasley is from Rabbits Eat Quilts (And innocent of all wrong doing by virtue of being rabbit.)
Maddy the Diva is from - Me and Me(gan) (And nowhere near as snotty as I portray her, I'm sure. :) )
Cameo'd Cookies and Twinkle are from - Binkies and Flops (Abbreviated and inaccurate names are all my fault. I'll send them craisins of apology!)


  1. Heehee--considering all the things that Mick would eat if I'd let him, snacks at sporting events are the least of my worries. ;)

    Mr. Mick heartily approves of this story, btw--even though there are gerbils in it. ;)

    1. I think Mr Mick secretly likes gerbils .. after all, he hasn't tried to eat or flop on them yet.. :)

      Sage had a pet mouse for a little while (as in, hours) .. I wonder if I ever posted the story. Its a very silly one, I should.

  2. What a great adventure! Thanks for including Maddy my little diva! I think you captured her perfectly hehe..Afterall, I did name her Maddy because she seems to always be MAD haha (seriously). Can't wait to find out what happends next :)

    1. As a slave to a Lionhead, I know they're little Napoleans. Cute, lovable, little despots who rule with an iron paw. Is it really their fault their perfect? :)

  3. Well I kinda like her even if she's a bit bossy at times!Hi Lorna,great adventure to be with all the gang too! sad too that it will be the last with Fergie but I'm sure that he would love this!lol Speedy!