Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fergie, a gerbil of a thousand names.

Alas, my little Fergie left me yesterday. He was doing poorly in the morning and I figured he wasn't long for this world. I finger fed him some water until he had enough and peeled some sunflower seeds for him, but he didn't hold a lot of interest, so I pet him a little and left him to his brother's nursing.

Freddie was actually pretty sweet. When Fergie would sit sideways on their wheel, Freddie would rock it back and forth. Fergie's favourite thing in the world was to sit on that wheel and wiggle his butt back and forth to rock side to side. After a while he got up and retreated to his hidey with his brother for a nap. I had other commitments and after stashing a few more sunflower seeds, went down to visit my friend Chris.

Unfortunately, gerbils only live nine to twelve months. Like many rodents, they live fast, die young, and try to leave as many heirs as possible. He was young for a gerbil to be passing of old age, but who knows. Freddie seems a bit out of sorts today, but seems more confused than upset.

As with any animal that enters my life for any length of time, Fergie gain a lot of names. Some of them even polite. (Actually, I think only Freddie's been called profanity.. and that's because he's an escape artist.) A few include..

- Fergus McFluff, Laird of the Sunflowers.
- Fergie Wergie Puddington Pie
- The Ferginator
- Sack of Hammers. (As in, dumber than.)
- Mr Mischief
- The Blonde
- Fergilus The Mighty
- Fergie, tempter of cats.
- Sucidial little twit. (See above.)
- Pocket fuzz
- Destroyer of Sunflowers, maimer of corn, laird of the laundry. (It doesn't have to make sense, dangit)
- Sunny Sunshine.

I didn't expect much of a couple of gerbils when I took them into my home. I just wanted some sort of life in here. Quite a lot of personality in their little furry bodies.. and they were as happy to train me and educate me as the rabbits and animals that came before them. Generous little souls.

I'm not sure if I'll get Freddie a friend or not. You have to bond gerbils like you do rabbits. Perhaps I'll see if SARS has any lone male gerbils. Freddie can't keep up all the cat taunting on his own, after all..


  1. I've already sent condolences to you, but Mr. Mick wished to add some to Freddie as well. He says that while he is still not a fan of gerbils, he knows how tough it is to lose a close friend, so he sends Freddie some nose bonks in consolation. He also says that he is available if Freddie needs help with the cat taunting, as cats need to be kept in their place.

  2. Aww.. *Gives Mr Mick a kiss between the ears when he's not looking*

    Freddie says he'll slip Mr Mick some craisins later when the humans aren't looking.

    The cat yawns and goes back to sleep. Something about sunbeams and naps.

  3. Speedy sends you and Freddie lots of snuggles and says he loves you Lorna!oh and he'll join Mr Mick to help with the name calling

    1. Thank you Speedy and Speedy's Mummy. So far Freddie and the cat have an understanding.. which is mostly her ignoring him and he ignoring her. I guess its just not as fun when you can't tag team the cat. Poor Freddie.

  4. Sorry to hear about Fergie. It sounds like he was quite the personality filled little guy. Hugs to you and Freddie, from me and Weasley.

    1. Thank you Karen and Mr Weasley! (Sneaks Weasley some booberries. Shhh, don't tell your Mom!)

      Gerbils are indeed most silly, but happy. I think we all need a little silly happiness in our lives. :)