Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Conversations with Sage.

I came in from Boxing Day dinner at my parents to a very dark house. My original plan had been to stay overnight but I pretty much forgot all my toys excluding my laptop. It would have been daylight when I returned, so I hadn't left any lights on excluding the low watt energy saver I have in the kitchen. Sage doesn't seem to care if the house is dark or light so I tend to go for what makes *me* happy.

So, I came in, turned on some lights and wondered where the rabbit was. I took off my boots and wandered down to the master bedroom. Sage was sitting and staring off into space. "Sage?" I say. She doesn't even twitch an ear. "Saaaagey?" I call, she twitches in my general direction. "Oh good, you ARE alive."

She turned to look at me, turned away, and promptly flomped over in a dead-lop-flop. (Dead Dutch Drop?) That shows me. Human is never right, after all.

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  1. I've always thought so. When it was the two buns, it wasn't hard to locate them - Scout adored making noise and would always run out to meet me. Sage, however, is less than thrilled with me as her only roommate. :D