Sunday, December 13, 2009

The adventures of Fric and Frac

Oh boy - I'm rather behind in my posting, aren't I? Sage would be the first to tell you good help is hard to find.

Fric lasted about four days in the spare bedroom. The first day Sage hopped the barrier. I'm not sure if Fric started the kafluffle or my little diva did, but there was fur flying and I ended up tipping the bed over to get at them and toss Sage back over the barrier. (Not that I ACTUALLY tossed her.) My back wasn't happy, Sage wasn't happy, Fric wasn't happy. Frac next door just looked bewildered.

Fric was getting more and more hostile though as time passed. He was growling and lunging and eventually sunk his teeth into me. It FINALLY dawned on me that even though I had shampooed the carpet twice and scrubbed the room post Scout's passing, she wasn't the most continent of bunnies and maybe Fric could scent her and he wasn't happy. So, I split the ex-computer room down the middle and moved him back in with his brother. They celebrated by having a shoving match on who could get the divider further to the other's side for more room.

Frac seemed happier with his brother about, Fric immediately stopped growling and let me pet him again.

Yesterday was bunny cleaning day, so I shoved the two in the same carrier which had been fine before. A fight erupted almost immediately so Fric got put in the bath tub. The tub has the sliding door thingies on it, so he couldn't escape. I gave him a towel to take his irritation out on and went back to cleaning. Halfway through I needed a break so I went and snuggled with Frac. I semi-introduced him to Sage, but her reaction was to growl and thump at ME and make it clear this fureign Ameribun wasn't welcome in HER warren. So he and I retreated and Frac just sat and whimpered in my arms. I have never, ever, before in my life heard a bunny whimper. Poor little guy, he's so submissive, he just wants some bunny to love and neither of the buns here wanna love him.

As an aside, I expected three times the work taking on two more bunnies.. It's easily become six to seven times the work. It's insane how much these two eat, drink and output. A bale of hay I thought would last me ten years is rapidly disappearing and I have to buy more wood pellets for their litter. A couple bags typically lasted me six months; the last two bags have lasted just under a month. I have new levels of respect for multiple bunny households! Three is "fun" .. I can't imagine seven.. or twenty-two as in Criss' case! (But we all know my southern Mom is crazy, right?)

I got asked if I would adopt one of them out yesterday and I'm giving it some serious thought. I have hope that Frac can bond to Sage, but Fric and Sage are oil and water. He deserved a good home after everything he's been through. The proposed home is a bunny newb, but her sister is my vet tech and she seems eager to become a good bunny slave.

Time will tell, I guess!

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