Monday, December 21, 2009

Fric and Frac in their new home.

Well.. the boys are gone.

Last week, my vet's office called to ask if I knew of any rabbits up for adoption. I looked in the computer room and said "Yeah, why?" and the vet tech went on to explain her sister had been caring for her rabbits while she was on holiday and now wanted one of her own. I said she could come over and meet Fric and Frac.

I'll confess, I was hoping she'd take Fric. I had hopes I'd eventually get Frac and Sage to bond, but Fric and Sage both being very stubborn alphas.. well. Scout was an alpha, but she was also a mommy bun so she generally caved and groomed. Deidre came in, sat down, Frac crawled into her lap and started covering her in kisses. Needless to say, the two of them went home together.

Fric was aggressive again. Growling, boxing, throwing temper tantrums. "You're kidding me!" I told him, "You two FIGHT." He lunged at my foot and I retreated. I phoned Deidre and asked if she would be willing to take Fric too, that he was very upset at being seperated from his brother.

She said she'd give it a try so I drove out to her place with Fric. He wasn't a particularly thrilled passenger, but wasn't nearly as bad as poor Scout was. So I put him down at Deidre's and immediately the chase was on. Watching them though, it didn't seem to be bunny fighting (which is very similar to horse challenges if you've seen footage of those. SCARY!) it reminded me more of how two seven year old boys interact.. with hyperactivity, punching, pinching and lots of chaos and mayhem. If we tried to interfere, they'd both give us dirty looks. So we left them to it.

The next morning, her royal fuzziness woke me up at 0430 by doing the bunny 500 through the house. She did several binkies, I haven't seen her even do a bunny headhsake of happiness in months. She nose bonked my shoulder awake but disappeared off the bed when I tried to pet her. She did a double binky out of the bedroom and raced down the hall. All day she was bounces and hops. She was one damn happy rabbit Fric and Frac were gone.

I don't know why she was so cranky about them. She wanted to be friends with Scout the minute they met. She was okay with Foster, and he wasn't even fixed when he first entered the home. Maybe she's just gotten to like being the solo boss of the warren. She's been very friendly (for Sage!) since too. She'll sit on the blanket that hangs off the couch beside me, where as before she'd make sure to stay WELL out of reach. I don't pet her, and she stays put.

She even let me torture her by retaking the Christmas card pictures (I'll post some on Christmas Eve) without a footflick or protest. Okay, there was one big bunny sigh, but she tolerated me with remarkable patience. She did get rewarded with one Cool Ranch Doritos chip. (Not a recommended bunny treat. *cough*)

So, Fric and Frac are happily demolishing Deidre's home, Sage is happily hopping through mine, all seems well in this part of the world. :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Krazy Kwanza, Festivus for the Restivus, Sparkling Solstice, Rousing Ramadan and an enjoyable have a pint 'cause it's the middle of the bloody winter to one and all!

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