Friday, January 15, 2010

For Chico

*Waves to Chico*

The handsomest of handsome has asked for updates from the bunny blogs he reads, and who am I to say no to that cute little face?

The slow down here is mostly my camera has gone gibbly and need repairs. The debate is between 'just replace it' and 'pay for shipping, repair, etc' No wonder our society gets less and less efficient when repair is so much more expensive than replacement!

Sage is good. Her Auntie Lisa sent her, Fric and Frac, a whole box full of treats and toys. She's been slowly decimating her way through her share. I dropped off the rest at Deidre's. This morning I got up to find that she'd gone through her bunny cookies box, pulled out all the bunny cookies (but not the hay!) and lined them up in a row. She doesn't want to eat them, just play with them.

She's taken to napping on the blanket beside me when I'm on the computer. I'm still not allowed to touch her, but she wants to be near me. It's cute. I'm pretty sure that means she's lonely and wants a bunny companion, but after the heel clicking that went on after Fric and Frac left, I'm not sure I want to try that again in a hurry!

Fric and Frac have Deidre firmly wrapped around their paws. You should see the damage Fric has done to her coffee table.. Her philosophy? "No point in replacing it until he's done with it!" .. YEAH, if Sage had tried that, the coffee table would have been sprayed with Febreeze so fast she would have sneezed.

So Chico, sometimes no news is good news. We're all good, just pictureless. Hope all is well in your world too. I think you're a little short on blueberries though.. Has Princess been hogging them all again?

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