Saturday, August 27, 2016

[WoW Fanfiction] A Tauren and two troubles makers with whisky in a bar.

Shevaun had headed off to Xanza's to have a chat with rabbit messengers and her bestie priest friend while muttering something about soju and a large bucket. Grunto had gone looking for the ladies he'd been forced to ditch, saying he at least owed them dinner and perhaps after that an evening of watching the fel burn over the isles. Leensa and Rae had followed Chewie back to the bar they'd started in. Two thirds of their mounts were back beside the inn, the two hippogriffs having tucked their heads under their wings to sleep while the blue drake seemed to have found better places to be, possibly somewhere with more swine to eat.

The bar was mostly empty, even the barmaids seemed to have been distracted by the fun at the Citadel. However, the bartender was more than happy to take their money before they settled in at a table near the unlit fireplace.

"Wat?" Chewie asked. The Blood Elf sisters had been plying the Tauren shaman with whisky when Raelanaa had smiled winningly, curled a lock of red hair around her finger and said one magic word.

"Naga!" she repeated.

"No." Chewie said with a very impressive frown.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun!" Leensa said, holding green eyes open wide in an attempt at looking innocent. Chewie wasn't buying it, he'd been friends with both of them for far too long.

"That's what you said last time." He pointed out. "Oh hey Chewie, come check out this steam vent. It'll help get that goo off your armour!"

"You said you like to get steamy with the ladies." Rae pointed out, looking as if she'd adjust her halo at any moment.

"*Tauren* ladies." Chewie corrected with a sniff. "And wrong type of steamy! You had me stand over that thing right before it erupted!"

"And you complained your horns would split from the heat - wet, steamy, horny Chewie! You should have seen your face!"  Leensa couldn't help herself, she started to laugh; a deep belly laugh that soon almost had her falling out of her chair. Rae's glance between Chewie's expression and Leena's laughter set her off into her own gales of glee. "By .. the light.." Leensa managed, "Chewie eruption!"

Rae's laughter led to almost-tears, "Chewie explosion!"

"Red hot Chewie!"

"Steamy horny Chewie!"

"Naked Chewie after he was forced to remove METAL ARMOUR in a hurry!" Chewie told them, folding his arms across his chest and giving his best mighty frown.

Leensa whooped, laughing so hard she was in pain, falling off the chair and onto the wooden floor.

Rae was face first on the table, trying to rub tears from her eyes as she laughed and laughed.

"So no. No naga!" Chewie said firmly.

Leensa was having trouble breathing. "How-How about elf ghosts?"

"Wat?" He asked and then grimaced. "Haunted house repeat? I don't think so!"

"Ghost in the boudoir!" Rae cackled.

"Chewie - three sheets to the wind!" Leensa managed, trying to get up.

Chewie sighed. "I don't know why I put up with you two."

"Good whisky?" Leensa said, holding her stomach as a few snickers and chuckles escaped. She had to work very hard to not look at either the shaman or her paladin sister. She finally conquered the chair and managed to sit down once more, still listing as the odd snicker escaped.

"Good company!" Rae corrected.

"Healing." Leensa added.

"Mayhem." Rae supplied.

"FUN!" they both said together.

Chewie just looked up like the roof or sky had the answers he needed.

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