Monday, September 12, 2016

[WoW Fiction] Chewie and Leensa -- going down?

Chewie was having a lovely dream. He was sitting back up against an old tree, it's age a comfort in a rapidly changing world, wolves were playing tag with bunnies (the bunnies tended to win - they cheated), there was a breeze with the smell of bacon, and it was just about as idyllic as anywhere could be. Or it was until something sharp bit his ear and a snake appeared to hiss in his face.  The shaman woke in a hurry, grabbing for Doomhammer, which he'd stashed under his bunk.

His motion was stopped in a hurry by his planting his forehead against someone else's - that someone else's went crunch rather than crack, and he opened his eyes to seeing Leensa holding her nose and mouthing profanity as she fell on her ass.

"Ooops," whispered Chewie. He didn't want to wake half the bunk room. He was actually surprised the loud sound of bone on bone hadn't done it, but since most of the bunks were manned by orcs, he supposed they'd slept through worse.

Gritting her teeth, Leensa's hand glowed with a soft yellow light, and the blood stopped and her nose straightened. Hissing slightly, reminding Chewie of that dream snake, she got to her feet and gestured with her head for him to follow. She was rubbing her nose and trying not to give him dirty looks. Was it his fault she'd stood over him when she'd rudely woken him up?

He had to wonder what she was doing down here; Leensa and her sister had rented a rather luxurious suite in a lower tower. He'd have done similar if he felt like burning money AND they'd built any to Tauren specifications. He always felt like he was kissing his knees whenever he visited the two blood elves for mead and biscuits. Once they got outside the barracks, he turned to look down his, quite undamaged by the encounter, nose, at the paladin.

"I need your help," Leensa said without ramp up. She was never much for small talk.

"Okay." He said indicating he was listening. A half-chime of the nearest tower bells gave the time. As if the guards exchanging reports hadn't been an indicator.

Leensa was shifting nervously. "Two of Lady Liandra's squire-applicants didn't return for curfew. We had a sweep around the city, but she thinks they may have gone down into the sewers. She had to get back on duty, so that leaves me to find their scrawny little butts and get them back here."

"Right." Chewie acknowledged. "Why me? Why not Rae?" It was a fair question. While the two paladins did often go their separate ways, currently they were both in the city at the same time which meant they would typically raise mayhem together.

"The sewers, Chewie," Leensa repeated to his blank look and sighed. "Once we get her down there, she'll never come back up. She says it's a fun place to be."

"Wat." He couldn't see why anywhere so damp and dark could be considered fun, but then, he wasn't a blood elf. He shook his mane, "Fine, let's go." He hefted Doomhammer onto his shoulder. "But you're paying my cleaning bill for my hooves and replacing my hock protectors! I don't care what the rogues say; I know what the Apothecary Society dumps down there."

"Cowhide for the armour?" Leensa asked slyly as they slipped down the darkened streets.

Chewie gave serious thought to just going back to bed. No, he'd go and help and hold it over her head for a week. Of course, considering how short she was, it wasn't hard to hold everything over her head.

Sewers, why was it always sewers?

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