Saturday, August 22, 2015

[WoW Fanfiction] Tanla the Brave.

"Tell me a story, Auntie Lorna?" Imogen asked, putting her chin on her auntie's leg. Who could possibly resist the cute look up that followed?

"Did I ever tell you about how Tanla started the 'Destroy Jaina Proudmoore' campaign?" Asked the Lorna.

"Nuh uh." Imogen replied, tail wagging eagerly.

"Oh, well, it goes something like this.."

* * *

Tanla stuffed the books into her satchel of holding. "Look, it's a simple application of dimensional space. You just fold a pocket so there's only one access, and just dump stuff in there. How much power you're willing to expend to maintain it dictates it's size."

The high elf with her sighed. Tyris had heard this all before and didn't particularly want to hear a fifteenth time how easy it supposedly was. Some elves just refused to listen to how some people were better at certain things than others. After all, how well would Princess Perfect swing a sword?

"Anyway - I'm just saying that all you need to do is .." She stumbled against a human woman. "Watch where you're going, oaf!" she snapped.

The woman turned, raising an eyebrow, "It is you who stepped into me."

Tanla rolled her eyes, "You stopped in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. Were you trying to find your guardian?" Tanla looked about, "You do look awfully young to be wandering about by yourself.."

The woman's eyes narrowed, "I am Jaina Proudmoore and I am a student here."

"Congratulations Jaina Proudmoore. I suppose they let their standards slide this semester. Or is your father someone famous? Proudmoore.. Proudmoore.. Didn't he lose some famous battle?" Tanla asked. Her companion facepalmed. Tyris couldn't believe she was going to pick a fight with a human just because she could.

Jaina continued to just stare at Tanla then smiled, "I understand now. You're completely on the offensive, being offensive, because you can't colour coordinate shoes with robes. A tricky task for someone so obviously colour blind."

Tanla opened her mouth, fist clenching to spark arcane energy, just as Jaina's started to puff frost.

Tyris grabbed Tanla's arm. "It's nice to meet you Ms. Proudmoore."

"NICE?" Tanla growled as she was hauled off, "I'll see her on the duelling floor! I'll wipe dirt with her smug human face! I'll show her colours of stars when I KO her into next week!"

"Yes, yes, you're dreadfully scary threatening human children." Tyris muttered, tightening his grip.

"And THEN I'll make her wish she'd made it out of the primary school magics primer!"

"She's terrified, I'm sure." Tyris looked over his shoulder at the human who was still standing there, arms crossed, looking unimpressed. Tyris was sure there'd be a round two and if he was lucky he wouldn't be there for it.

"My shoes go perfectly with my robes! That ape!"

"Yes. They do. Lovely shoes."

"And my robes are perfect!"

"Yes. Absolutely."

Tanla looked up at him. "You're humouring me! Stop it!"

"Yes dear."

The arcane mage let out of a long, low, growl.  Her revenge would be swift and painful.


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