Thursday, October 1, 2015

[Furfiction] Short but silly.

There was a bunny in his fridge.

This wasn't a particularly new development, there always seemed to be one bunny or another in his fridge. Like he could eat all that kale and those dandelion greens anyway. What was unusual, however, was the dog lying on his bed.

Miss Lola hopped into the room, chomping down on the rememants of a piece of banana. Where had she found banana? "I heard you were sick. I don't do sick, so I brought you a dog."

Imogen wagged her tail hopefully.

The Viking looked from one animal to the other and shrugged, dumping pack onto floor and sat on the bed. Imogen wiggled around so she could put her head in his lap for proper petting.

The Viking turned on the TV. "Hope you can understand Danish."  He never quite knew what the rabbits were speaking or claiming to understand.

He was rather impressed when the collie cross gave a thppppt.