Thursday, June 4, 2015

[WoW Animal Fanfiction] Fur the Horde!

Guild name "Fur the Horde" credit goes to Imogen's Humom ; Silver Letomi

Imogen FINALLY got to log in. Her Mom had been working from home and hogging the gaming machines for far too long.

"Immi!" Izzy immediately greeted her. "Where have you been??"

"Ugh." Immi grumbled to the black lab cross. "The huparents have been hogging. Dad's been working twice as hard, Mom's working on her parodies and movies'n'stuff and they're ALWAYS home, so I never get on! I even tried hiding her shoes in the backyard so I'd get an hour, but that didn't work. I just got in trouble. I knocked Dad's LARP manual off the shelf three times before they took the hint of 'Hey, we should go LARPing this weekend!'

"I know what you mean. Paige'n'I have been faking fights so the parentals think they have to keep us apart. Paige'll nap with Mom and I'll play on Dad's comp, then it'll be my turn to nap with Mom.. or Dad. Or whichever human needs distracting. So she'll be on later tonight. Kinda sucks we don't get to group anymore, but whatya gonna do? Two foots are so hard to train."

"I trained mine just fine," Sammy interjected proudly.

"You're a cat. They don't expect much of you." Imogen said with a roll of her eyes.

"Pfffft." Sammy replied.

"Do you wanna run a dungeon? We have a new recruit, a rogue, he still needs some gear before he can do HHM with us." Isadora, aka Izzy, asked.

"Sure. You able to raid with us again in the future? Having Jack as the only hunter kinda rots." Imogen invited Sammy and Izzy to group.

"I can only hope. Paige should be able to, at the least!"

A quick look at the guild roster of "Fur the Horde" found Imogen the new rogue; Chuck.  "Hi Chuck, welcome to the guild! How are you finding it so far?"

"Cool. It's nice actually being able to talk to people. I was in a PvP guild, which was fun, but they were all epeeners."

Three girls kind of blinked at their screens, not quite sure what to think. "Er, right." Immi offered.

"My hubrother is friends with your Humom, I think." Chuck offered.  "They call me a bunch of weird names, but I like Chuck." He then added with a disdainful sniff "Chucky is a puppy's name"

"Gotcha." Immi agreed and quickly changed the subject, "Anyone else wanna come? Have room for anyone who can pretend to be DPS."

"I can try ret pally. Or Sammy can play dps, if she likes." Speedy offered. "I mean, I'm specced.. but I've never played ret.."

"Oh yeah, let me be enhance!" Sammy said with just a little bit too much glee to her sweet little black cat voice. "I've got a really nice mace I can introduce to the baddies with one swing, and an axe with another!"

Cats were just SO bloodthirsty! Immi invited Speedy before he could change his mind about grouping with a bunch of carnivores. Normally the rabbits stuck together.

"My axe is bigger than your axe!" Speedy said, linking a monstrously huge two handed axe to guild chat.

Aaand on the other paw, the rabbits could apparently play the ego game just fine.

"You gonna listen and stay behind me this time, Sammy?" Immi asked as she queued the group.

"Nah. You can keep up." Sammy told her blithely.

*I should just let her die a few times..* Immi thought for a moment and then sighed. She really couldn't. She had to protect and lead, and help, and herd, and .. Sigh. Cats.  Guild leading had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

"Okay. When I say ready, I will pull. You'll all completely ignore me and do what you want anyway. All except Izzy, who'll behave like usual."

"I could be a follower." Chuck pointed out.

"You're a rogue." Immi said with a sigh, "You'll just sneak off and find things to jab and steal."

There was a momentary pause. "Well. Yeah.."

"Just try not to step on the cat."

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