Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[Random Thing] Just how my brain works.

I found my keys no longer worked in the door. I pounded on the door until you answer. "WTF dude? I'm locked out."

"You were cheating on me, I'm dumping you and locking you out!" said Boyfriend Blizzard.

"Cheating on you?! I totally wasn't cheating on you!" I was shocked. Surprised. Confused.

"I have proof. I showed it to John. He totally agrees with me that you were cheating." Boyfriend Blizzard insisted.

"I wasn't cheating! What proof?! Can I see this proof?" This was ridiculous! There's no proof, since it never happened!

"Nope. You can't see this proof. But I showed it to Bob, too. He agrees you were totally cheating on me." Boyfriend Blizzard insisted.

"What proof?! There is no proof! I wasn't cheating!" I protested, also insisting on my innocence.

"You tots were. By the way, I'll take you back in six months when there's stuff I want you to buy me." Then Boyfriend Blizzard slammed the door in my face.

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