Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[WoW fanfiction] Laresa the Goblin.

Lareasa still wasn't sure how she ended up in charge of a garrison in the middle of an infested land. Too many trees, not enough explosives. It was a short rylak ride to the main garrison. Which had a lot of shirtless blood elves wandering around. Tanla Crystalsong always did know how to decorate. The goblin couldn't say she'd be snuggling one of the tall muscle bound boys any time soon, but they weren't bad to look at.

She hopped off the rylak, handing the reigns over to the bored looking Tauren and headed into the garrison. It was no fair that some bimbo mage got a better headquarters than she did. On the flipside, it didn't look like Tanla had a bed. Maybe she slept on the ops table.  The goblin she was looking for wasn't hard to find. He was in a side office that was piled with scrolls and debris.

"Gazlowe, I needs a favour." Lareasa said without preamble. He was her third cousin or something, what was family for but exploiting?

Gazlowe didn't even look up. "No."

"It's not a big favor." she said in her most winning tone.

He flipped the page on the stack of blueprints he was looking at. "No."

"It won't cost ya a thing!" Well, it might, but why bring little details into the matter?

"No. Wait - what?" He actually looked up at her.

"Just a little time, a word in the right ear.." She wheedled, leaning across the desk to try and make cleavage impressive.

The architect was definitely distracted, but not fooled. "Whad'ya want?"

"A portal to Stormshield. This riding a rylak thing every time Thrall coughs is gettin' a tad tedious." She tried wiggling a bit.

"You're a warlock. Do a portal thing." He went back to his papers. "I build things. I blow things up. Portals ain't my thing, doll."

"Oh I know," she said batting her eyelashes, "But you're so powerful and know all the right people! I figured that you could order one of those silly mages to do it. Bein' so high up in rank and stuff and all."

Gazlowe sighed. "What's in it for me, darlin'?"

"I'll get your Aunt Merzlon off yer back about gettin' married."

"DEAL." Gazlowe grabbed her hand and shook it before she could possibly retract the offer. "One portal, I'm assumin' from your fort, to Stormshield. In return one aunt stops naggin' me about dames. Got it."

Lareasa managed not to roll her eyes. "Perfect. Happy to do business with you."

"One question." The elder goblin said, eying her.


"How'd you end up with such a goofy name?"

Lareasa sighed, it was probably the most ungoblin name a goblin could be named. "Mum named me after the first person she swindled. Happened to be a night elf. Lucky me."

Gazlowe laughed. "I'll get on that portal."

"And I'll get to Orgrimmar and distract your aunt."

"See ya, sweetheart."

Lareasa sighed. She wondered if she could make a certain imp just blow up a certain aunt..

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