Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Gerbilly Goodness] Freddie the Good.

He's a good gerbil, really.

His cage has two doors, one at floor level and them another on par with the second shelf. (Aka, third floor.) For whatever reason, I'd fed him via the upper door (He was probably climbing the walls for a piece of popcorn) and then either not closed it after or not latched it very well.

I noticed the door had been open when I went over to give him a piece of popcorn. He was sitting on his shelf, nose twitching in the open doorway, but he didn't try to escape. The notebook on the table wasn't nibbled, the open bag of pumpkin seeds hadn't been eaten or rifled through, his hated travel carrier not pushed off the tabel.

He knew the door was open but he stayed inside anyway. If I open the bottom one, he runs out like a shot. It's not like he can't climb the walls, he's quite good at it, I guess he just knew that something wasn't 'right' and he wasn't going to escape. This time, of course, next time it's probably fair game.

Of course, it also may have been a Mickly visitor who was just trying to get a certain foo' gerbil in trouble..

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  1. Mr. Mick was mumbling something earlier about foo' gerbils never doing what you want them to do. I asked him what he meant by that and he said it wasn't anyone's business and I couldn't prove anything anyway--which is the standard Mick reply to pretty much everything but "want a treat?"