Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Bunny Stories] Kleenex Sneezies.

(Hannah and Harrington can be found over at Raspberry Rabbits)

Harrington hopped over to the kleenex box, his ears flopping as he bounced. He grabbed one and with a yank of head, twist of neck, and he had a tissue on its way back to its destination. He but the kleenex on the floor for Hannah to use.
She sneezed into it twice. "I just feel so silly." She said before rumpling it up with her paws. "Getting all sneezy like a human!"

Harrington flopped down beside his mate. "It could be worse. You could be all burpy like a human." He made an option mouth to follow up with a gagging motion, before rolling over, paws in the air in a giggle.

"And the vomitting!" Hannah said, shaking her head. "That's just gross."

"What about all that perfectly good poop they don't reingest?!" Harrington asked, flopping back to his side, leaning against Hannah. "Humans are so weird."

"The fake fur because they can't grow their own," Hannah shook her head, "and the colours they dye it!"

"And they remove what bits they CAN grow."  Harrington said with disgusted amusement.

"Their burrows they thread roots through to destroy all escape routes!"

"And the fuss they make if you try to save them from their own silliness!"

"Oh, and they never eat enough vegetables. How can they see hawks coming if they don't have their vegetables?" Hannah leaned her chin on the floor, "At least Momma is sensible and paints the walls with pretty colours and has lots of things to scritch itchy spots on."

"Even if she doesn't like our help when she's making them." Harrington grumped.

"That's because your idea of helping," She stopped to sneeze twice and shook her head in frustration at being sick, "is to nibble the bits that shouldn't be nibbled."

"If they didn't mean to be nibbled, why does she make them so tasty?" Harrington asked, uppy ear swivelling.

"Uhm." Hannah didn't have a ready answer. "Same reason that they throw the yummy bits of the pumpkin out and make ookey faces on it?"

"That was is as silly as the loud noises they enjoy making." Harrington sighed. "Humans are just a mess. It's a good thing they're around to take care of them!"

They could hear their Momma coming with her clatter of vials and syringes. "Ohh, snack time." Hannah said, sitting up. "At least the medication doesn't taste as bad as the last round."

Their Momma came into the room reciting dose amounts to herself and stopped short. "How did you two get into the kleenex?!" There was a small collection of crumpled up kleenex in the bunclosure.

Two bunnies just periscoped up doing their best to look sweet and innocent.

A sigh, "You two are very silly."

"Takes one to know one," Harrington whispered in an aside to Hannah. She tried not to giggle.

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