Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Cat Update] Little Orphan Annie.

For those that aren't following / friends with me on Facebook may have missed the tail of Little Orphan Annie.

On October 21st, I went out to get food and heard a very loud meowling. A cat in obvious distress. We have several toms who lurk in the trailer park behind us, I figured one had gotten in a fight and didn't come out so well at the other side. Searching around, I find a tiny grey cat under my car meowling. After some negotiation and employment of crutch, I got a very sore knee and one rack of bones with a fur coat. I could feel her individual ribs through her fur. As soon as I held her, she stopped meowing. I took her upstairs, got her settled in the laundry room and went off to Superstore to get cat supplies.

I kept checking on her every so often, but other than turning in spot, she showed no interest in food and barely touched the water. By the blood on the towel, I knew she was bleeding from *somewhere* but I couldn't tell where. In the morning I decided I was way out of my depth and phoned the rescue I volunteer at. Ena, our head goddess, said to bring her in. Nicknamed Little Orphan Annie, she was taken to the vet who works with the rescue. She was found to be over 10 years old, possible toxic poisoning from the flea collar she had on, sores all over her mouth and malnutrition in the worst way. The vet wasn't optimistic but they give it a good go.

They ended up having to put her to sleep. Her kidneys and liver were nonfunctional. They'd put her on IV, given her antibiotics, tried to force feed her, all the fun stuff, she was just too far gone. She at least passed in warmth, surrounded by loving people.  Poor wee thing.

As always, all that stuff costs money, so if you can, please support them.


  1. Oh poor little mite,at least she isn't in pain any more,run free baby girl,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Poor thing. She should have had a nice long life to almost twenty years. I wonder if people could walk a mile in an animal's paws if it would change how these innocent creatures are treated. Lorna, she was sent to you so her last moments in life could be warm and comfortable. You are an angel.