Sunday, October 20, 2013

[Almost on topic] Three things three times.

The object of this one was "List three things, three times. Any three things." with an example such as the following.

Three Things I won't live without.

- Politics. Its my chief source of entertainment, and I find I'm quite good at reading and predicting political situations and people.
- Storytelling. Even if I'm not writing them down, there's always stories forming in my head.
- Gaming. RPGs, board games, video games, whatever flavour you choose, I enjoy them. Friendly competition or cooperation however, I won't do serious consequence gaming!

Three kinds of pets I've owned.

- Dog
- Cats
- Bunnies.

Three places I've been employed.

- Revenue Canada. (I have no idea what they call themselves this year.)
- Buy & Sell Newspaper
- Vancouver Family Services.

I'm not tagging anyone in particular.. However, I am petting and snuggly all my blog bunnies who'll let me. :)


  1. Mr. Mick says he'll take three snuggles and three dozen hay cookies for three nose bonks and three bunny kisses. :)

    1. Well.. I'm not the baker his momma is, how about some oats and orchard grass?

  2. Neat.

    I have had three Ford vehicles in a row.

    I have three female bunnies.

    Three things I won't live without are:
    Pets. Life without a little fuzzy thing to love and care (eg Freddie) for could not possibly be worth living.
    A fan. I need air circulating around me at all times or I get freaked out and hyperventilate.
    Books. Science fiction, fantasy, horror...currently reading All Things Bright and Beautiful and The Complete Collection of Grimms' Fairy Tales. To hell with eReaders! I am old school and my love for books does not just include the story, but the feel and smell of an old dusty musty book/bookstore!!! Scent is a powerful influence on memory, and memory is a powerful influence on emotion.

    3 things I absolutely hate:
    Moth balls.

    3 of my favorite things:

    1. I can survive without a fuzzy, but its not a happy place. I do need life in my home to make me happy -- and plants don't remind you you haven't remembered to feed them.

      I have a fan on most of the year too. Partially it's white noise, partially I love the feel of the wind.

      .. and I'm one of those ebook heathens. I like being able to pack my entire library around with me! I do still buy the odd paperback, but I typically release them into the wild when I'm done unless I'm quite attached to them for sentimental reasons.

  3. Auntie Lorna,you can have as many snuggles,cuddles and bunny kisses as you xxx xxx Speedy

    1. See, Mick?! SPEEDY loves me and doesn't expect bribes!

      ..Not that I wouldn't supply them anyway. Who can resist twitchy noses and happy tales?!