Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Star Wars : TOR Fanfiction] Two redheads and a minor battle.

This is the sort of thing I write when I'm not writing about bunnies. :)

Leonna stepped out of the shuttle, swinging gun onto her back, "Hurry up." She ordered. Not that it was necessary, but because it was one of the orders an officer gave to say 'I'm alert, I'm paying attention and lets go out there and do our jobs.'  Considering that job would probably be written on her tombstone in one to five years, she wasn't quite sure why anyone would follow her fast or slow. Perhaps her squad was as crazy as she would.

"You heard the major!" Alric, her second in command ordered. She managed to keep her eye rolling to herself as they double timed it into the base.

The base, mostly ice and stone, shook around them, she grabbed the nearest native soldier. "Corporal. What the hell's going on?"

"Who're you, then?" He growled back, trying to rip his uniform out of her grasp.

"Major Leonna Majors, Havoc Squad CO. Now answer, soldier!" She barked.

"That'd be the Impys letting us know they don't want us on Hoth." He said back, with obvious disdain.

"Guess the suspected attack got confirmed, sir." Alric told her with some sarcasm.

"Ah the wonders of military communication - six steps behind reality at the best of times." Leonna fired back, dryly, letting go of the corporal. "C'mon men, lets go make friends." She turned back to the corporal, "Who's in command?"

"In here, its Lieutenant Fields, out there, there's some Jedi giving orders." was the reply as he hauled butt away from them.

"A Jedi? Frekking wonderful." Leo growled and put boot to pavement as they continued they double time out of the port.

She ignored yells and questions, giving "Havoc Squad!" as her only reply. If they didn't get out of her way, Alric or M1 helped them do so.

The weather outside was typical Hoth. The blizzard was howling, the snow was piled deep wherever it hadn't been recently cleaned from, and there was live fire every which way. "Take cover!" She bellowed, "Support the locals!"

M1 cheerfully whirred to stand in the middle of the drive and opened up fire on any imp insignia he could see. Yuun disappeared into the snow, probably heading for the nearest depot. It took her half a moment to figure out the numbers Tanno was yelling out at M1 wasn't coordinates but competing numbers of destruction. She mentally shook her head and grabbed the scanner. "Found the idiot Jedi yet?" she asked Alric.

"Thatta way!" he pointed with his gun, giving some cover fire as Leo headed in the direction he'd indicated.

It didn't take too many moments before she saw the shimmer of a light sabre, the hum and swerves of its passing lost in the howling wind. The Jedi formed into the image of a crazy, redheaded woman, with two green light sabres flashing. What made her crazy was she was barely wearing clothes. What little she was wearing looked like a scarf loin cloth and bra. Leo was in full winter gear and felt like she could shiver at any moment. Every rumour about the absurdity of the priest warriors suddenly seemed true.

Her scanner beeped madly. "JEDI! MOVE! INCOMING!" She yelled, her tech armour amplifying her voice over the wind and sounds of combat.

"I can sense the incoming fire just fine, solider!" The Jedi said back. She didn't raise her voice, but Leo heard her clearly.

Leo didn't feel like arguing. She hit a burst of rockets and launched through the air, hitting full power into her shields as she crashed into the Jedi and the three injured men she was defending. She had the pleasure of hearing a Jedi swear right before the incoming missile hit, the concussive blast sending all five in the shielding flying. She blessed the creative bastards at HQ-research who made the shield a sphere as soon as it had the access to be so. They rolled and bounced several times. Leo tried her best not to land her few hundred pounds of self and armour on the injured or the Jedi. The Jedi, a few moments after they were sent flying, had thrown up her own shield, a force thing that only vaguely shimmered in the viewable spectrum. It seemed to protect the injured, but not the Jedi, so Leo was giving her bruises every time they smacked into each other.

They eventually came to a stop in the snow, the only sounds the moans of the injured and the heavy breathing of Leo and the Jedi. "Sorry sir," Leo said, "But I didn't think your range enough to detect the ASM. Or at least, not in time."

The Jedi groaned and rubbed her head, sitting up. "You were right. I had thought you meant the SSM that was being loaded." The woman rolled to her feet, "Speaking of which.."

Leo nodded and grabbed one of the men and threw him into a fireman's carry. "Can you load..?" she nodded to the other man.

"You can carry both?" The Jedi asked, eyes wide.

"I'm a farm girl and I have good armour." Leo said with a half-smile. She knelt slightly to help the shorter woman get the other man over her shoulder. The Jedi then raised the third and the two women hauled back towards the base.

After they got the men into the hands of medics, they turned back towards the battle field.

"You've worked with Jedi before." The woman said, eyes closed as she faced the mess.

"No, sir." Leo replied honestly, "Just read some really good reports on what one can expect."

"Yeah? What's that?" The Jedi asked absently.

"Suicidal tendencies and a belief you're immortal, that the force can protect you from everything." Leo answered sardonically, firing a burst into a group of imps that were trying to move up.

"Ah, so like soldiers and their armour, then." The Jedi replied, suddenly running back into the swirling snow.

Leo cursed at the hasty exit and followed, tagging the Jedi on her scanner to keep track of her. Jedi were supposed to be worth six squads, but so far she hadn't seen it. She reached the mostly naked mystic just in time for whatever Yuun had in mind to bear fruition as the whole valley rocked and a loud boom soon followed, sending everyone to their knees.

As they picked themselves up and the scanners cleared from interference, the only life signs left were republic tagged and the Jedi. Leo found herself standing beside the woman.

"I'm Yevett, by the way." The woman said.

"Nice uniform." Leonna observed.

Yevett glared up at her. "I was in my bunk when they attacked."

"Ah." Leo tried to hide her smirk. "Major Leonna Majors, by the way."

Yevett raised an eyebrow, "You'd think someone who is in desperate need of a new rank wouldn't be trying to mock others." She turned on her heel and marched back towards the base.

Leo jogged to catch up to the woman's surprisingly quick pace, "So that means you won't accept if I offered to buy you a drink?" Leo asked.

Yevett stopped, turning, a cold look in her eyes. "Jedi do not .. accept such drinks."

"Well, Jedi need some laxatives then." Leo replied with surprising good humour. Before Yevett could counter back Leo whistled piercingly, "Boys! Lets get into the base and see what mess they have for us to clean up. I'm sure HQ will let us know two days after we've done it." She bowed her head sideways to Yevett, "A pleasure, Jedi. And I'm sorry you don't allow yourself to have pleasures."

Leo ignored the reply as she found Alric and started comparing notes of what they'd both scanned in the mayhem.

The Jedi watched them go with narrowing eyes and a growling stomach. Pushing the cold away took a lot of energy, it was definitely time to find clothes and have food.


  1. very good but I prefer the bunny tales as they make me cry laugh and every thing,xo Rach and Speedy

    1. Thanks. :)

      *Makes note : Add bunnies to Star Wars*

      Would Speedy like to beat up Imperial bad guys with a blaster or a light sabre? ;)