Thursday, September 6, 2012

[Bunny / Star Wars Fiction] Some quick silliness.

Sleep dep may have been making me .. silly.

* * *

Speedy hopped up the long path into the cave. He wasn't quite sure what to expect, but a softly glowing forcefield that gave way to a very luxurious warren wasn't it. There was carpet, and lots of fluffy things to lounge on, and chewy things every which way, and herbs dangling all over from the ceiling!

"You have come, seeker?" Said an older, deeper, voice from the back.

"Er. Yes?" Speedy said, looking about, trying to find the teacher he was looking for.

A shape formed out of the shadows at the back of the cave and a fuzzy, clouded eyed, rabbit came forward at a slow, careful, hop. "And what is it you seek?"

"I want to learn how to use a light sabre!" Speedy said with excitement.

"Ah." Said the other bunny, wandering to a fuzzy thing, settling down in it carefully. "And what makes you think I can teach you?"

"All the bucks in the cantina say if you can sense the life force of the forest, you can use a light sabre." Speedy tilted his head to one side, "Though, I'm not quite sure what the two have in common. I mean, if you're using a light sabre, aren't you harming stuff?"

"You have to understand what you are destroying or that destruction destroys you." The blind bunny said wisely.

"What's that mean?" Speedy asked, thoroughly confused.

"I have no idea kid, that's just what my mentor said to me." He sighed and shook out his fur, "Fifty credits an hour, kale isn't cheap y'know."

"And you'll teach me how to be a mighty, noble knight, defender of the weak, helper of the helpless?" Speedy asked eagerly.

"Yup." The sage looked at him with an uncanny gaze. "Though, all things have cost. I gave up my sight to save some kits years back.. and while you don't need outer vision to use the force, you do trip over a lot of furniture."

Speedy stood tall. "I'm not afraid!"

"Great. Your first task is to fetch me a bowl's worth of water from the stream at the back of the cave. Its only a few minutes hop." The older bun stretched out as Speedy looked about. "If you're looking for a bucket.. there isn't one."


"Use your brain, use the force, clock's ticking!"

"Uhm.." Speedy turned and hopped down towards the back of the cave, the glow of the force field gave way to small little LED lights imbedded high up on the wall, making it look like stars in the stone.

Weasley yawned and stretched out, he was pretty sure he'd just made 150 credits easy and quick, time for a nice nap.

* * *

It had taken Speedy a good chunk of time to figure out how to carry a bowl of water with no container. It had taken longer to convince his brain that he COULD carry the water by will alone. He'd found it easier to do it with his eyes closed.

Getting back to his new teacher wasn't too tricky. The tricky bit was avoiding the furniture. He realized he probably should have paid more attention to what was where when he'd arrived. He thought about opening his eyes, surely he'd keep control of the big blob of water for that long, right?

He was still debating it, hopping along slowly and carefully when he hit a stool, tripped whiskers over tail and lost control of his water. The truly unfortunate thing was where the water landed. Right on his teacher.

"AGHEAH!" Weasley bellowed, awoken by the dousing of cold water. "GAH!" He added as he shook, sending water every which way.

"I .. er.. Got the water, master?" Speedy said hopefully.

A dripping Weasley looked at him with clouded eyes that somehow still managed to project metaphorical bale fire. "So I .. feel." Weasley replied sarcasticly.

"Uhm." Speedy wondered if burying his head under the carpet would help.

Weasley sighed. "Your second lesson.."

"Yes, master?" Speedy asked, wincing.

"The finding and fetching of the towels and the third lesson is the drying of the master." Weasley said, poking at his fluffy, fuzzy, lounging spot. The fuzzy squelched under paw. Speedy winced all over again.

"And hang this up to dry outside." Weasley added, clambering off.

"Yes, master." Speedy started to grab it in his teeth.

"Use your brain!" Weasley ordered. "Or I'll go find an X-Wing for you to carry!"

"Er, yes master." Speedy said, concentrating very hard, eyes scrunched closed. It was all going quite well until he forgot about how narrow the ledge outside was and he went tumbling down to the switch back underneath.

Weasley sighed the sigh of the truly long suffering. "I suppose I'll go find the first aid kit. Sounds like I'll need it.."  He stopped and turned, before yelling out the cave door, "And force users don't swear like that!" Weasley shook his head. That Mr. Mick, give the bun a blaster and he turned into a bad influence on the entire universe!


  1. Heehee, it'll take a lot of Jedi training to defeat Darth Mick! ;)

    1. The Dark Side has cookies.. and so does Mick.. I see your point. :)

  2. heehee.....hehehe...heeheehee...nothing wrong with sillyness....heehee love this story and the comments,we can't stop are an absolute laugh.Speedy and I shall be giggling for a week now