Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Bunny Stories] Weasley & George at the Bridge.

(Hopefully Aunty Char will forgive me for borrowing George.)

The world formed around him, he blinked a few times unused to this whole sight thing. He just hoped his sense of smell wouldn't get dull, he would miss being able to find a bit of apple from two rooms away. He looked around. There wasn't much to see, a path that wound up a meadow's hill with all sorts of yummy things to eat and a white bunny who was currently chewing on a dandelion as he looked at him. Well, mostly white, he had a smudge on his nose. The sound of merriment could be heard faintly from what could possibly be the top of the path.

"Hi" Said the white rabbit. "I'm George."

"Hi George, I'm Weasley." Weasley paused a beat, "Does that mean we're a wizard?"

"Or twins?" George asked, whiskers twitching in good humour.

Weasley looked himself over and then looked George over. "While I think the average human couldn't tell the difference.."

George's whiskers practically wriggled in amusement. "Humans are very fun pets, but they're not very bright." He agreed. He turned to look up the path, "We should go now."

"Were you waiting for me?" Weasley asked as he hopped beside the other rabbit.

"Yeah. The Powers felt you could use an escort. I haven't been here long, but its not so bad for a glorified waiting room." George looked at Weasley with a sparkle of challenge and then took off up the hill at top bunny speed.

Weasley put his own hind legs into use to catch up, amazed at the speed he could manage. All the little creeks and pops were gone, the little aches, the strains, the stiffness.. he could RUN!  And run he did, passing George who had started to slow down to let him ahead, and burst out into a huge meadow of unequalized size and glory.

There were bunnies EVERYWHERE. All sorts of bunnies, tall bunnies, short bunnies, plump bunnies, skinny bunnies, white bunnies, black bunnies, splotches of inbetween. There were even a few dogs and cats! Weasley also saw a human who looked to be story telling to her rapt audience. "Wow." He said as George came up along side him.

"Sorry there's not much of a reception, everyone's off playing. There'll be a part this evening."

"There's MORE?" Weasley asked with wide-eyes and then blinked, "Wait, where's the ship?"

"Ship?" George echoed, tilting his head to one side.

"Yeah. We met a pirate ship run by ghost rabbits! Aren't I a ghost rabbit now? Don't I get to be on the ship?" Weasley asked.

"Ohhh." said George. "Well, really, you can be wherever you want. Be that ship, shore, sky or in between. Most come back to the meadow to hang out, meet the new people, party it up, share stories, see whose humans have finally shown up, that sort of thing." George licked a paw, "I'd like to see your ship though. Maybe tomorrow? After you meet everyone and get all settled in? Pirate code was very similar to bunny code, you know. Share everything, support your brothers, and survive through mutual support."

Weasley nodded, "Well, I don't think they're *actual* pirate buns, I don't recall there being any stories of combat, just sneakiness and sailing."

"Oh good. Who likes combat? Its rather messy." George asked, and answered, rhetorically, "C'mon! You have to meet Belinda and.."

George's list of buns Weasley had to meet was interupted by a red angora bowling Weasley over. The two rolled in the grass with the slightly smaller one landing on top. "You're here! You're back!" She paused, poking his chest with a paw, "You're kinda squooshy.."

"I am not!" Weasley protested, rolling her off and getting to his feet, most disgruntled. "I am fluffy."

"*I'm* fluffy, YOU'RE squooshy. Had to eat twice as much with me gone, huh?" She shook herself, settling fur and dropping bits of grass. "Okay, well, you're here now, you can groom me."

"This seems rather familiar." George said dryly. His own reception had been similar.

"Okay." Weasley agreed, starting to lick the piles of fur that hadn't been helped by the wrestling. "Do I get a cookie? Humom gave me a cookie when I did stuff.."

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Yes, yes, you can have .. oh, there, right there.. itchy spot! .. perfect! .. a cookie. Heck, you can live (so to speak), on cookies if you want."

"Mmm." George said, thinking of cookies. He'd once had a crumble of digestive his humum hadn't spotted and he had to say, there was something he wanted to try again. Fairly confident Weasley was in good (if bossy female) paws, he gave his goodbyes and went in search of the snack table. (It tended to move around as bunny mayhem threatened its safety and contents.)

"Do I get groomed too?" Weasley asked.

Ginny sighed, "Maybe later.. I've been waiting YEARS, y'know!" She thumped, "I'd ask what took you so long, but I guess SOMEONE had to take care of our huparents."

Weasley echoed her sigh, "They're A LOT of work."

"But worth it!"

"Yeah, its always so cute when they do their little happy dances or whatever, or are proud they FINALLY got the salad right, or FINALLY figure out what we've bene trying to tell them.."

"That takes a lifetime all to itself." Ginny agreed, turning to give Weasley's side a lick. "C'mon, lets go meet everyone, you can finish grooming me later."

"Okay." Weasley agreed.

It wasn't home, but it'll do until his home, his humom's arms, came to meet them.


  1. No fair, Lorna--you made me cry all over again!

    It's good tears, though--I knew you'd have the perfect story for sweet Weasley.

    1. I may have been sniffling my way through it, myself..

  2. Dammit, Bridge Bunny stories always make me cry.

  3. I am wiping my tears away now..and squeezing maddy closer, even if she fights me.

  4. Thank you Lorna,Speedy will be very happy when I get back from vacation to read it to him,he's at his grandmas for a week,but I have the tears running down my face*sniff...sniff*

  5. Trying to type while sobbing. This is beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Now I'm crying again.

    That was beautiful.

    Can't see the WV letters through the tears.