Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snuggle Buns.

Day before yesterday I brought her in some dandelions. She presented (lowered her head) to be pet and let me pet her nose three times. I was truly honoured.

LAST night, she'd obviously completely lost her marbles. I went into "her" room to talk to her and she didn't even move away so I picked her up and cuddled her. I didn't get grunted at, she didn't try to struggle. I asked her if she was feeling alright. But no tempreture, no tummy distention, no yucky tail and she ate a papaya tablet with gusto.

So I carried her into the living room and lay down on the couch with her on my chest. This is NORMALLY when the mad scrambling begins and the bunny takes off like her tail is on fire. Nope, she just meatloafed and let me pet and stroke her for almost twenty minutes. In all honesty, I got sick of it before she did. I put her down on the ground and she hopped off behind the chair.

She's been there since. I thought this would be a great opportunity to pluck some of the fly away fur, figuring it would also get her to high tail it. She watched me for a bit plucking fur off her butt and then closed her eyes and seemingly went back to sleep.

There is rumour of tooth purrs during the snuggles, but she's denying it all.

P.S. Sage says, since she was such a snuggly Easter Bunny, I should tell Gus is the most handsome Easter Bunny she's ever seen. Betsy is one lucky doe, even if she is a no good, stinkin' lop. (SAGE! Lops are NOT bad.. Just because Sheeba.. Oh, nevermind.)

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