Monday, April 26, 2010

She's no dumb bunny.

Yesterday I came in with dandelions for the beast who lives in the spare bedroom. I am not brave enough to enter the house without a treat for her highness. I put the dandelions down and continued on down the hallway to get changed. I was barely finished before I hear thumping and grunting coming from Sage's room.

"What the..?" I ask as I come back down the corridor.

There's a smudge of dandelion flower sitting under Miss Plushie Bunny's chin. There is no further sign of the dandelions that have apparently been inhaled. Sage is growling at Miss Plushie Bunny and thumps and looks at me.

OBVIOUSLY Miss Plushie Bunny stole all of Sage's dandelions.

So to pacify the poor, wronged, bunny, I had to go back out to the garden and get another one. (But just one, too much Dandy Candy wouldn't be good for her tummy!)

I'm pretty sure she stuck her tongue out at Miss Plushie Bunny when I wasn't looking.

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