Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[WoW/Bunny Fanfiction] Following Mick was probably their first mistake.

"So where are we?" Jensen asked, sniffing around.
"Nagrand." came the answer from the periscoping lop.
"Thank you Captain Pedantic." Buttercup said with an eye roll. It was a very impressive sight seeing a small white rabbit do an eyeroll. "A little more guidance please?"
Mr Mick landed back onto all fours with a sigh. "Azeroth. Well, not really, It's Draenor before the Orcs invaded Azeroth. Which had something to do with demons and ore and blowing their own planet up, which was Draenor, which is where we are, it just hasn't blown up yet."
Buttercup and Jensen stared at him.
Mick groomed himself defensively. "I wasn't paying much attention, okay? But don't worry, this world won't blow up because Khadgar and some stinky Orcs showed up to save it."
Jensen nibbled on some grass, it tasted like normal grass. The sun was nice and warm. Almost a perfect spring day. "How do we know this Khadgar guy and his Orcs aren't the ones who blow up the planet in the first place?"
"Er." Mick managed.
Buttercup huffed, "You're impossible. Let's get a long boat. Let's go bug elves. Let's get in a TARDIS. You never think of the .. oooh, are those dandelions?" She hopped off mid-rant.
Jensen sighed, "Does."
Mick nodded. He was glad he didn't have some female bossing him around. "Wait, what's wrong with TARDISs and Elves? And I still want that boat.." He hopped after Buttercup, "And Disneyworld was fun, even with a wet Viking."
"Poor Viking." Jensen mumbled. "Trying to keep up with you and Speedy."
"Oh he did fine," Mick huffed, "We just made him carry us most of the time, that way he kept up."
Buttercup stopped on top of a tree stump, looking around, idly chewing on a the last bits of a dandelion flower. The grasslands spread out around them, a decent sized river ahead of them. There looked to be some sort of spikey fort off to their right before the plains ended to plateaus and hills. "Uh, Mick?"
"Yes?" He said with a very 'what now' attitude.
"You didn't say there were wolves here." Buttercup said, not moving a whisker.
"Of course there's wolves in Nagrand. There's Orcs, where there's Orcs there's wolves." He said as if this was all obvious.
"No. There are wolves HERE." She said, grabbing a frighteningly large hammer out of bunspace to swing into the face of the wolf that pounced at her. It went flipping away, landing with a thud and a yelp. The other two wolves halted their progress and started to circle.
"Get us out of here!" she ordered, dropping the hammer back into bunspace.
"Oh sure, just summon out of nowhere a .." He stopped as a maniac on some sort of very large goat came charging out of the hills, screaming and waving a staff. The Tauren, with gold tipped horns, gestured towards the wolves and lightning came from the clear skies, scorching the wolves. A warcry got the wolves turning towards her and away from the rabbits.
Mick, at this point, decided discretion was the better part of valour, "Best part of Azeroth, well, Draenor, is that.."
Buttercup nipped his tail and dashed past, away from the maniac Tauren and wolves, Jensen falling in behind her as the two raced.
"Wait up!" Mick yelped ,"I can open a portal home, but you guys gotta STOP." He chased after and found himself following Buttercup into a small cave. He panted.
"Get us out of here!" Buttercup repeated. "Nice place for a graze and a snooze you said. You didn't mention THE WOLVES!"
"Well, I thought all the orcs had the wolves and there were no orcs, just a Tauren.. and she saved us.. so uhm.."
Buttercup just glared at him, ears flat.
"Right. Portal." He cleared his throat, stood on his backpaws and waved his forepaws around. It took great concentration and suddenly a blue oval hung in the air in front of him. "There. Home. Happy?"
"Hmph." Buttercup said, shoving Jensen through. "The TARDIS is better. Swimming pool and NO WOLVES." She hopped through.
Mick let the portal closed, he had no interest in following an angry Buttercup who'd probably just blame everything on him. It's not like he controlled the wolves, was it?

He was pretty sure the portal had sent them home, anyway. Maybe it sent them to Stormwind. Or Wonderland. Eh. They'd find a closet if he'd sent them to the wrong place. He couldn't do EVERYTHING after all, could he?


  1. hehehe see Mick,never travel without me Dude,you know I know when and where we are at all time's...hehehe,xx Speedy

    1. That's a very good point, Speedy! Even when travelling on the TARDIS you know when/where you're at. Silly Mick leaving you behind!

  2. Well, this explains a lot! Definitely have Speedy with you next time, Mick. No offense, but he's better with the does. Butter can be dangerous when she's angry.