Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[WoW Fanfiction] Tanla tormenting Orcs.

Tanla Crystalsong, high mage, garrison commander, a war leader of the Horde, stopped on the steps of the war mill and admired the blood elf smith who walked past. He smiled and gave her a 'Ma'am'. Well, what the hell, her husband was long gone. She smiled back and gave him a longer look up and down, "Smith." she replied with an appreciative smile. He gave her a grin and kept going.

She stifled a sigh and continued down the steps and back towards the hall. The orcs insisted on calling it the 'great hall' but she was pretty sure they would agree with her it wasn't so great if they'd ever been to Silvermoon. She did so get tired of orc architecture.  So many spikes and horns. The furs were nice, but did they always have to have the heads on them? And the beds, lord, hadn't they ever heard of silk sheets? Or soft mattresses? Good thing she could portal to Silvermoon any time she wanted to get sensible things. The less said about orc rations the better. Indoor plumbing would also be a treat.

Tanla stopped at Sergeant Grimjaw. "Hello Sergeant."

"Blood and thunder!"

"Uh, sure." She said, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "So, how goes things?" It seemed a commandery thing to ask. She still wasn't quite sure what Vol'jin was thinking putting her in charge of the main garrison. Sure, she was perfectly good at blowing things up and was talented at inspiring orcs in battle (You ran in, blew things up, they'd follow) but leader? Was he smoking .. oh, well, he was a troll.

"Resources are overflowing thanks to your efforts, Commander!" Grimjaw reported proudly, "No further hints of incursions since you blew the shadow council a new one!"

"Well, they rather deserved it, coming in so rudely." She replied. Tanla looked around, "You know what we need?"

"No commander." The mighty orc warrior looked wary. He was never quite sure what to expect from the blood elf. Last week, he could have sworn she was trying to flirt with him. There was a rumour that she'd been married to an Orc years before, but he found it hard to believe. What orc could be so desperate that they'd marry an ELF?

"We need a hair dresser." She said, as seriously as she could. "It would certainly spruce up the troops. Good for morale. Cheer everyone right up." She hid her smile inwards. Orcs were so fun and easy to make uncomfortable.

"Uh, yes sir." The orc paused waiting to see if this was some sort of elven joke, but she just looked at him expectantly. He wondered if he could get an early retirement or a transfer. He was proud to serve, of course, but he was pretty sure this elf didn't care much about honour and was more about destruction. She was obviously insane. "I do not think we could convince a talented barber to move to Frostfire, ma'am."

"Ohh. Good point." She sighed, "Then I'm off to Orgrimmar for a primp. Do try to keep the garrison upright while I'm not about."

"Uh, yes ma'am. Sir. Tanla, ma'am." He sighed. Things were easier in the orc army, everyone was sir or grunt.

Tanla reached over and patted him on the head, "It's okay Sergeant, you just be an orc, I'll be an elf, and it'll all work out in the end. What you call me doesn't matter."

He blinked, "Uh, I'm not sure an orc commander would like being patted on the head, sir."

She grinned, "I like you, Grimjaw. We should get you a promotion."

"Uh, yes sir. The raise would be nice."

"You get a pay cheque? Hmph. I need to have a chat with Vol'jin while I'm in Orgrimmar.."

Grimjaw wasn't quite sure what to say about that and was grateful she just started to create a portal to Orgrimmar.

He had to say he did like a commander who stayed in the field most of the time and left him the hell alone.

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