Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[WoW Fanfiction] Raska & a Moo-bear.

Raska looked around in frustration. She looked at the lousy map she'd been given and surveyed the area once more. She growled under her breath and crumpled the map up and tossed it towards a nearby pond.
"Excuse me," a deep voice said from up and behind her. Raska turned and looked way up. While she was tall for a female Orc, she felt rather small. A rather tall Tauren looked down at her with furrowed brows. "It would have been no effort to put that in your pack instead of littering the wildlife."
She opened her mouth to say her opinion of his 'littering' and then decided discretion was the better part of valour. "My apologies." She muttered and stomped to the bush and picked up the lousy map and shoved it in her pocket. "Happy?" she asked.
"Of course." He replied and smiled. A shrug adjusted a pack almost as large as she was. "I am here seeking to destroy corruption of the balance."
Raska eyed him, "You're doing the druid shtick just to try and piss me off, aren't you?"
The Tauren gave her a toothy grin. "Maaaybe."
Raska growled under her breath and tossed her long purple braid over one shoulder. "Congratulations, it worked."
He dropped the formal and drawling tone, "What're you looking for?"
"An ancient tree that's been corrupted by dark spirits. It's supposedly larger and angrier than the treants of the woods." She sighed and pulled out the abused map and straightened it out enough to show the Tauren. "This is supposedly where I can find it."
The Tauren squinted at the map. "Whoever drew that should go back to map school."
"A goblin. Who I shall be testing his own rockets on when I get home." Raska replied. She looked up at the Tauren, "I'm Raska, of the Frostwolf clan."
"I am Tsunderebear." He said, offering a rather large hand for her to shake. Raska took it and gave as firm a grip as he.  "Looks like we have the same quest, we should do it together."
"Sounds good to me. Any idea where we're going?"
Another grin. "Well, if we want a large angry tree, I think we look for lumberjacks. And the Iron Horde has been active to the south-west."
Raska's hand went to the staff on her back involuntary before she pulled it back. "I wouldn't mind kicking some Iron Horde butt."
The grin grew wider, "Sounds like fun. Maybe we'll even find the tree after a pile of Evil Orc butt."
Raska tilted her head to one side. It was an interesting mental picture. She pulled her staff off her back and tapped the butt of it on the ground twice. "Shall we?"
Tsunderebear snorted in amusement, "Oh yes, let's."
The two scrambled down from the collection of rocks their griffons had dumped them on and onto the soft loom of the twisted forest. The sound of a lumber machine could be faintly heard to their south-west, the duo turned with smirks and headed towards mayhem.

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  1. See you can't leave us hanging like this,what happens next?xx Rachel and Speedy