Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Rambling Story] Turning Canada's finest into a cart horse.

(Random RCMP officers)
Standing in line at the grocery store for the self-checkout, a member of Canada's finest comes up behind me.
"Lorna!" says this handsome Mountie.
I turn and smile, "Yes!"  (Me so social.)
"We miss you in Cultus." He says. "Where are you living now?"
I have to assume he's one of the RCMP who was (still is?) assigned to the check-point that appears most summer nights on the road into Cultus Lake.  I tell him my new locale in Chilliwack.
"That's a good area, some thefts and car vandalism, but little violence."
'Bloody cop' I think. "I like it. I can walk to all the important places like Tim Hortons."
He looks down at me. "Is that more than you're supposed to be carrying?"
I look down at my basket. "Uhm, yes?"
He sighed and held out his hand. I meekly hand over my basket. He is only carrying some coffee and carrots. (Maybe he has a bunny to feed? Obviously the coffee is for a lagomorph.)
My turn comes up at a till, so he carries it over and says 'wait for me' and goes back to the line to wait his turn. I'm a good girl, I cash out, I put stuff in bags, I carry them to the end and wait for him, putting the bags down. (Okay, only MOSTLY a good girl, but I couldn't just block a till.) He cashes out and picks up my bags. "Where'd you park?"

"Around the corner. It's just less stressful, there's always spots there." Its a bit further than the other parking spots, but no fighting to find one, no "argh, I can't see if there's people walking behind me" and no people suddenly driving behind you as you try to back out, etc etc. I can't turn at the waist, backing up is similar to backing up in a pickup with a canopy on.
And so, he carried my groceries to my car and loaded them in the passenger side. And let me tell you, if you want to get double-takes in your direction, have a member of the RCMP carry your groceries for you. "You're going to take two trips to carry them in, aren't you?"
"Sure!" I agreed with absolutely no sincerity. He just sighed. "Thank you," I said, quite grateful for the assistance.
"Not a problem. I'm going to pretend that you'll carry them in one at a time, just like I pretend that you don't think speed limit signs are vague guidelines."
I looked my best wide-eyed and innocent, "Of course, officer!"
He shook his head and told me to take care of myself as he made his way off to his cruiser.
And that's about why no one will ever convince me that all cops are assholes, or corrupt, or whatever. I'm not saying all police are angels, but the majority just want to help people.

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  1. Most cops are normal people doing a tough job because thet want to help others. You can find assholes in any group of people.