Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Rabbit Stories] Mr Mick, Postal Bunny.

Mr Mick was sniffing the pile of envelopes in the "out" spot. "That is not food!" he was told sternly.

"Of course it's not food," he humphed. "I'm just questioning whether you can get this delivered to Canada before Christmas." He gave a front paw flick in his Humum's general direction.

"Yeah yeah, you don't like the tree." He was told.

"Apparently today is not a listen to Mickey day." He grumped and settled down for a nap. He'd just have to sort everything out himself.

* * *

After everyone was asleep, he let himself out of his habitat and hopped over to the pile. "As if I'd chew my own face off." he muttered as he nosed through them and found the Canadian. "Want anything done right.. " He continued to mutter as he dragged it to the closet.

A few not-so-Christmassy words were growled when he had trouble closing the door because the cardboard envelope was in the way. He bit the bottom and folded it a bit and grumped some more. Soon enough he was at the other end, head spinning.

"Doesn't your human ever close this door?" Mickey grumbled as he hauled the envelope out.

"No." Freddie answered, stretching and making his way to the door of his cage. "She thinks bunnies can't get through then."

"Feh. Humans." He dragged the envelope and looked around. Deciding on the futon as good a place as any he grabbed the much abused bottom and head flicked it up onto the red mattress. "And that's not dinner!" Mick said with a thump of a hind paw.

" Not yet anyway." Freddie said cheerfully enough. He got most of the paper recycling to play with."You hanging out?"

"Nah. I have other deliveries to make. I suspect Speedy's is in the pile too, and who the fluff knows when that'd get there if we left it to the postal services." He yawned and stretched. "A bunny's work is never done!"

He hopped into the closet, closing the door behind him.

* * *

The human stumbled out of bed muttering something about coffee the next morning. She stopped and looked at that closet door. "Why'd I close that..?" Too early to figure that stuff out.

Kettle on, the human stumbled back to the living room to read email. Pulling the laptop onto her lap her brow furrowed as she looked at the envelope propped up across from her. "When'd that get here?" She couldn't remember if she'd checked the mail the day before or not. Guess she had, though she'd thought she'd have opened anything from Jade and Mr Mick right away.

Coffee forgotten, the human proceeded to squee over the calender. "Aww.. wook at this one!" she showed it to Freddie who feigned a vague interest in the two dimensional pictures he couldn't really see. He say the big brown lump often enough that he didn't need pictures anyway.

"Did I remember to send a card to Mr Mick?" The human asked.

"Did you remember to send anyone cards?" Freddie asked, eyeing the pile on the coffee table.

A yawn, a stretch and she put the calender up on the wall. "Now Mr Mick doesn't need to show up every month and sabotage my calender so it always shows him!" 

"He probably will anyway." Freddie said before grooming his tail. "Which is good, he can open this cage door faster that I can."

"Coffee. Shower." the human muttered, disappearing back into the kitchen.

"And pumpkin seeds for the gerbil!" Freddie chirped after her. "Not that you'll listen. I guess I'll just have to get them myself."



  1. It should be mentioned that the calender arrived in plenty of time and I'm just stirring :)

  2. Christmas smooches to Freddie and hugs to you, Lorna!

  3. Hehehe love the story Lorna,Merry Christmas to you and Freddy,xx Rachel and Speedy