Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[Personal Ramble] What do you do?

(Myself and Miss Sage, Dutch Diva, ATB)

Michelle over at Raspberry Rabbits asked "What do you do?"

My first response, as per the norm, was a smart ass one of "As little as possible!" but having received a good scolding from a friend about my view of my life, I gave it a second thought. Fibro and body damage limits what I can physically so I do what I can mentally.

I like to think I make the world, or at least my little corner of it, a better place. I try to be happy and cheerful, I try to help people when I have the resources (physical, financial, whatever) to do so. I dream. I try to guide people away from hateful actions and towards acceptance. I try to believe the best in people even if I get burned. I try to smile even when life is being a big pile of doggie droppings. (Happy doesn't mean healthy, but if I can be happy and unhealthy, it beats unhappy and unhealthy!)

I write. Not as much as I used to, by a long shot, but I still flex my creative juices. I like to think I entertain a few, I make a few smile, and sometimes produce and out and out giggle or two. Sometimes my goal is to spread information, or to open a few eyes, or just to vent my spleen. Even happy people have wave your hands in the air and splutter days!

I try to be a good friend. I try to be there to listen, to offer advice, to assist as I'm able. I may not be able to help move your furniture, but I can listen to you rant about what a douchebag your boss is! I'm also awesome at writing resumes and cover letters. No connection. ;)

I also may have a slight soft spot for animals and easily wound around the softest paw.

What do I do? Try to be the best me I can be. If someone want a profession, I typically say "writer" but I like to think the reality is so much more.

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