Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Gerbil Video] Freddie is a Sailor.

Sorry for the wobbles, bit that the ferry crossing was rough, bit that my hands shake. But this is Freddie travelling, as you can see, he's completely bothered by car rides, ferry rides, etc etc. Actually the only time I've seen him upset while travelling is when I dared to eat a cheeseburger (with lettuce instead of the bun :P ) for lunch. I'm not sure if he was upset because I wasn't sharing or because I was eating meat. I lean towards the former theory though.


  1. Freddie travels far better than Mr. Mick does, it seems. Mick sulks because he does not get to ride in a limo on fancy cushions with carrotinis to sip along the way.

  2. Freddie Travels as well as Speedy does not bothered by any thing.!!!!!xx Rachel