Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chocolate Bunnies for Easter

Bunnies sure are cute little guys. Their wiggly little noses, their expressive ears, their ability to look at you with contempt and disdain.. They also have a reputation for being quiet low maintenance pets. I think all bunny slaves laugh at that notion.

Bunnies need entertainment. They need toys, they need attention, they need love. Bunnies need space to run and roam. They need appropriate food, not the sugar heavy things often shown in media. They also live longer that most dogs.

The pet rabbit can't be kept in a cage and poked at every once in a while. They need as much room and freedom as a cat. Like a cat, they can be litterbox trained. As far as maintenance as a pet goes, they're probably about halfway between a cat and a dog.

They are most active at dusk and dawn.. and the occassional three am bunny run fest. They'll see you off to work and then look at you to see if you have treats when you come home.

As a prey animal, bunnies take a long while to warm up to predators. (Humans are predators, even the veggie-only eating ones.) But once befriended (and we're speaking weeks rather than days), they are yours until they die. They won't understand why their human bondmate leaves them or gives them away.

Animals aren't disposable. They're a deep commitment to a living, breathing, feeling, loving, animal. If you can't promise to care for an animal for its full lifespan, please, get a plush toy instead. Animals aren't a "teaching tool" for children, at home or at school. If your child isn't responsible NOW, an animal to care for; an animal they will come to resent, won't help.

And if you want a bunny for Easter, there are so many types of chocolate ones down at the nearest store.

Spread the word, bunnies are not on a whim pets!

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