Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its here, its here!

It arrived! It arrived! It arrived!

Donna over at Lavender Rabbit Studio often has contests on her blog, highlighting her incredible products and designs. (I MAY read it for the bunnies, shhh.) Last month I, with a little help from rabbit bribery, won this awesome white rabbit necklace watch! There was much squeeing!

Oooh.. wrapped all pretty! I wonder if I was supposed to give the paper and box to the fuzzies to play with.. *ponder*

AND a pretty card! Thank you, Donna!

Fergie is totally jealous. HE wants his very own watch. Too bad, Mr Gerbil, you're not getting one!

Now, technically, this wonderful prize showed up *last* week.. but I was far too much of a giant slacker busy to get around to posting. But isn't it gorgeous?

The only other news is I'm off in the wilds of Indiana for a while. The gerbils are being cared for by my very patient neighbour Catherine in my absence. :D I "accidently" forgot to tell her what their favourite treats are. I'm a horrible meanie that way.


  1. Oooooooh, lucky you with lovely giftie! I am bouncing off the walls waiting for the one I ordered to get here (Donna ships stuff very quick, so I know it will be here soon). Have fun in Indiana!

  2. I am so glad your package arrived safe and sound. I had no idea your babies played with wrapped boxes... should have sent more :) Thanks for the awesome post and congrats!