Sunday, November 1, 2009

More from Fric & Frac

I was going to publish the pictures of Sage I took with the duckies in downtown Chilliwack, but instead am gonna show more pictures of her future brothers/boyfriends Fric & Frac. My sinus headache says I'm not up to going through 50 pics to find the choice ones at the moment!

Fric :

And Frac :

I'm already half in love with Frac, so Sage can have Fric.. What?? What do you mean the bunny gets to choose first? Phoeey.


  1. The boys are gorgeous. I can't wait to read what Sage thinks!

  2. Fric is losing hair - wha happen?

    They both are great!

  3. Fric is actually regrowing his fur. When rescued they were *COVERED* in mites. So much scabbing on Fric's ears that the crusties came off in an ear shape. (Ewwww..) Fric lost a lot of fur.. but he's very much on the road to recovery now.

    Once they're both 100% they'll be snipped (fixed) and shipped. :)

  4. Spotted buns are full of fun, I have two (more spots thought) they are scamps and hooligans.