Friday, October 9, 2009

Sage's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sage Boo-Boo Bear!!

'Twas a dark and stormy night.. No, wait, that's how SCOUT came into my life. Let's see.. How did Sage come into my life? Oh, yeah.. I fell for that "Bunnies are happier in pairs!" routine. So the same day Scout got spayed, she got a friend. She was just THRILLED I tell you. Or maybe she was just stoned on all the painkillers. Either way.

Sage was left at the Chilliwack SPCA in a box at the gate as a kit. The problem with this was she was left, probably with litter mates and mother, hours before the SPCA opened. By the time they opened Sage was the only one left. She was raised in the cat room. (Which, really, explains why she's such a nutter.) The SPCA aren't judgemental, they aren't demanding, if you have to abandon your pet and you can't afford the drop off fee.. lie, anything, don't leave your animal to die in a box.

Anyway. I met her, she looked at me, went back to grooming her cute little two month old self, and that's pretty much our relationship since.

So, Sage the princess bunny came to live with me. She was very well behaved and a complete sweetheart up until she was about six months old.. then the teens hit and she's been a bratty teen age, moody snot, of a bunny since. :D

At the age of seven months, she would hop into the middle of the living room, thump her foot to get my and Scout's attention, and then flop over on herside with a thud and sigh. Any one who has ever met a teenage female human knows *that* sigh. Fortunately, she grew out of the melodrama, but she's still grumpy and moody as any sixteen year old girl at the grand old age of four. :)

Her present is a salad served this morning under the bed and my ignoring her completely for the rest of the day. What more could a bunny want? ;)

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