Sunday, October 25, 2009


This morning I was woken up by Sage destroying things under the bed. Since she has a small platoon of toys under there this never drastically worries me but I occassionally check it is cardboard or wood she's decimating, not the carpet. This involves me hanging upside down off the side of the rather high queen sized bed and looking under. Sage came over to investigate and gave my arm a nose bonk. (Bunny bonk of affection) I was tickled pink and went about my day.

Then this evening after I had a shower I went into the other bedroom to get some socks. (Yes, I change bedrooms with the seasons, but it takes me months to move socks and things to the master bedroom and vice versa.) Sage normally, if she's in there, will dive under the nearest piece of furniture as soon as I enter the room. This time, she just sat beside the closet and watched me put on socks. Feeling chatty, I lay down on the much lower spare bed and had a usual one-sided conversation with her.

She hopped over and started sniffing my face, then gave my forehead a quick lick before she disappeared under the bed. Apparently completely embarassed she'd groom a HOOMAN. I gave her a craisin to help her get the taste of hooman cooties out of her mouth.

Maybe my little dutch princess likes me after all ;)

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