Monday, August 31, 2009

Now, some of you might think its a disorganized and overloaded human that posts Audrey's good-bye from Cultus Lake *weeks* after she's arrived in Houston and beeing posting her adventures down there.. you'd all be right :)

"What do you mean you're leaving??" Sage asks, having been stopped by the eternally polite Audrey.

"I've been invited down to Houston! I'm hoping to get to wear a cowboy hat! Your Momma asked me to send back a cowboy, but that's silly.. everyone knows cows are girls!"

"Fine." says Sage, "But I don't approve of you going, you just got here! You've almost got the human trained the way I like her!"

"Oooh.. I'll be going first class again?? I'm such a spoiled bun!"

"You're sure it's not too small??" I asked, quite concerned.
"Oh no, I'll just curl up and take a nap while those nice mail-people do all the work."
"Well, if you're sure.."

And with parting hugs and snuggles, Audrey continued on!

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