Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Thirteen - Slave Lake & The Power Station

This is *a lot* of photos to set up via blogger, so not a lot of text. I think most are fairly self-explantatory anyway :)

Audrey and I decided to head up the valley to Slave Lake to visit BC Hydro's historic power station. It was built in the 1900's and provided power for a very long time! A new, more efficient, station is a little ways up the mountain from the old one, but the old one remains as a museam.

Here Audrey looks out on Stave Lake. It was 36C the day we were up there and 74% humidity. It was all a little rabbit could do to keep me from jumping in!

Normally this display has water running down it to show erosion, but as we're in water save mode it's turned off till the end of summer.

They'd just finished a "Christmas in July" fund raiser for a charity, which is why there's a Christmas tree in this heat! :)

We had the auditorium all to ourselves as we watched the video on hydro-electricity. For some strange reason the temperate rain forest of south-wet BC has a lot of water to power things with! ;)

Uniforms and the names of the brave royal engineers who were the first to start the set-up at Stave Lake!

A Jacob's Ladder - you can see the tiny little spark at the second rung. Audrey had fun playing with it.

This electro-globe thing didn't photograph well at all. I'm sure most have seen the coloured static electricity globes at science events.

This was fun! Pedal power things. I remember doing this as a kid in Edmonton, Alberta.. lets just say I did A LOT better as a kid.. :D

Audrey tried to help me with the pedalling, but it was a lot of work for a little bunny!

Instead she cheered me on as I managed to light the bulbs, run the fan and eventually get the radio to play static.

He was too cute not to get a picture of :)

Arrr.. She be Captain Audrey of the brave privateer vessel the Rum Rabbit!

Look! A Dalek attempted to breed with the Tardis!

I didn't figure out what this machine was. It had an 'iron board' but it looked awfully strange for being an ironing board. My Mum figured it was a towel dispenser similar to what you find in public washrooms. Audrey thought the cotton whatever-it-was would be tasty but refrained since it was a museum and you don't snack on displays.

The guide/host was very patient with the strange lady and her bunny. :)

No wonder it's not working.. It looks like a rabbit's warren in there!

And down the mountain we head once more! It was certainly an interesting and educational experience! Maybe I'll go back when it's not 10,000 degrees farenheit.. ;)

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