Thursday, October 12, 2017

[WoW Fanfiction] Lareasha, Lord Hubba Hubba and a bunch of demons.

"Hey Lord Hubba Hubba, how'd you not end up Warchief of this them Horde then?" Lareasha asked, gnawing on a caramel apple she'd swiped from the Faire before being dragged into this whole legion is trying to steal our demons nonsense.

The Blood Elf looked down at the goblin with disdain. "It is perhaps not appropriate to comment upon the physical form of a stranger and question matters that are none of your business."

"Blood Elves still bein' treated like poop, huh? That's okay; Goblins get kinda hind-teat too. Not that we don't be deservin' it sometimes." Lareasha watched the new Warchief take the stage. "Tho I am totally jealous of Lady S's wardrobe. Think she'd share her tailor?"

Lord Theron closed his eyes for a moment and mumbled in Thalassian. Lareasha was fluent in several languages, but that wasn't one of them. Well, she did know "Take this dishwater and give me some ale, " but she didn't think that would help her much since she wasn't in the underground of Dalaran.

The warlock stood in the Blood Elf's shadow as the new Warchief made a shpiel about uniting the Horde and recognized one of the Horde's many mighty warriors. All Lareasha really knew was her view from down here sucked.

Looking about at all the muckety mucks, she was thinking 'Prime Proudmoore target area.' when the hero of the Horde suddenly was chatting up some elf chick with funky tattoos. Lord Theron was not-quite-snarling at the chick. Or at least, Lare was pretty sure it was the chick he was snarling at. This was the sort of thing she'd normally ask Gartbug her imp about, but having a demon bouncing around (and he never stopped bouncing) when one was supposed to be all boohoo over a dead Troll killed by demons seemed like a bad idea.

She'd never met Vol'Jin; she'd never seen him speech it up like Garrosh or Thrall or pretty much any Orc. They all seemed happy to make big speeches and .. oh, hey now, that was interesting. The elf chick who no one seemed to like had made some sort of swooping gesture and bam, a whole bunch of dreadlord's appeared. Okay, that was not cool. Lareasha didn't feel like being stomped on by an infernal anytime soon.

The warlock ripped open a portal between realms, called the first voidwalker who didn't move away fast enough from her hand and dragged him through onto the steps of Orgrimmar. Fortunately, no one seemed to be paying a whole heck of a lot of attention to her. "Hey, Blue! I'll make you more powerful if you agree to smite a whole lot of those demons! I'll even give you a home outside of the legion where you can do stuff that isn't being ordered around by anyone but me.. and my orders mostly consist of 'get me the hell outta here!'"

The glowing blue demon hummed and then turned to the nearest demon that didn't seem to have a warlock attached to it. It grew two sizes bigger and let out a laugh as it brought its hands together and then smashed into the infernal.

Oh yeah, Lareasha had to say she liked her new friend. I mean, Gartbug was entertaining if a pain in the ass, but he didn't quite go on demon destruction sprees like this.

"Ten thousand years in the pitt." hummed the voidwalker. "Were you entertained? I was not entertained." It happily used the power that Lareasha fed it to blow up a Dreadlord. "I am now entertained. I hope you are entertained on your trip back to the nether." Running out of demons to pick fights with in the immediate area, it turned to her. "Now what master?"

"Just call me Lare. We're pals, partners, confidants, none of that weirdo master-servant crap. Leave that to Silvermoan and Goldshire, I say." The warlock hopped up to the voidwalker and used her rocket boots to get some height to look around. "Shit, looks like Lady S could use some help. Can you clear a path thatta way?" Lareasha gestured towards the podium.

The voidwalker hummed happily and started blowing up even more demons.

The Horde dignitaries, heroes, and leaders seemed to quickly regroup and push the legion's demons back. It seemed to take them a bit to notice the warlocks in their number who were on their side. Lord Hubba Hubba looked at Lareasha and sighed. "Thank you for your assistance, Warlock," he said, sounding pained.

"No probs, Your Lordship! Me'n'Blue are always happy to splatter the bad guys, right Blue?" She patted the fel armour on the voidwalker's shoulder.

"Blue" hummed its happiness to be anywhere other than where it has been

"Ah .. yes." Lord Theron turned over his shoulder as Lady Sylvanas called his attention.

"Lareasha!" a rock in her pocket called. "Huh, what?" She dug it out and found the thingy that Khadgar had given her. Oh yeah, this doo-dad. She'd been planning on pawning it. Her cousin Greelo would probably give her a pretty sweet deal.

"Dalaran is under seige! The legion intends to knock us out of the sky!"

"Whatdya expect building a flying city??" She asked the rock.

Apparently, it was only a one-way device because the Archmage ignored her. "Meet me in Dalaran over Deadwind Pass. I have a plan. A horribly dangerous plan.. but a plan nonetheless!"

Sheesh, the stupid human only ever had two types of plans.. and both seemed to involve her running around and doing his work for him. "What did yer last servant die of?" she muttered at the rock as she shoved it back in her pocket.

Her voidwalker was starting to earn looks. She was starting to earn worse ones. On the other hand, not being in Orgrimmar for a while might be a good idea..

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