Sunday, November 1, 2015

[WoW Fanfiction] Letömi and Imogen visit the South Seas.

Tanla stifled a yawn with one hand, the other carrying the tome she was nose deep in. It was another gloriously sunny day in the south seas and the goblins had promised to get her some charged mana dust; at a reasonable fee, of course. Breakfast while lying in a hammock, swaying in the breeze sounded like a good way to start the day. Her studying of the exponentiation costs of energy vs the size of the portal was interrupted by the sound of happy barking.

The arcane mage looked up, over her book, to see a fellow blood elf apparently playing fetch with a frostwolf puppy. Said elf was lying in the hammock adjacent to Tanla's usual. She threw a ball and with happy barks and bounds the puppy jumped into the water, swam to the ball, and brought it back. "Drop!" came the firm command as a soggy, slightly drooly, ball was dropped into the death knight's hand. The death hollow of her voice gave her away. "Are you going to stand there all day?"

It took a moment for Tanla to realize she was being addressed. "I was just surprised to see someone from home here," Tanla said, walking over, shutting the book closed carefully. Wouldn't do to get sea water or dog drool on it. As she closed in and blue eyes turned to her, Tanla recognized the face before her. "Lady Letömi."

The leader of the irregulars of the Horde forces gave Tanla a salute. "In the flesh."

Considering the death knight was wearing a bikini, quite a bit of flesh. "Can you even tan?" she asked, artlessly.

Letömi snorted, "No, but on the plus side, I don't sunburn without a lot of effort either."  Her puppy returned with the soggy ball. "Drop!" The ball was dropped into her outstretched hand. "Good girl." She gave the wiggly tailed dog another pet, "Fetch, Imogen!" she ordered, throwing the ball again. "She can keep it up all day. I'm thinking of hiring one of the Goblins to take over when my arm wears out."

Tanla raised an eyebrow. "Having seen you in action, I don't think that's too likely. You cut through Garrosh's forces fairly handily."

Letömi waved a hand in lazy negation. "Badly trained, over-compensating, under-brained, probably Sha infested, Orcs, have nothing on Imogen's stamina ."

Tanla gave a shrug and sat down on the other hammock. "So, what're you doing here? Vacation in the middle of the war?" Somehow, it seemed unlikely.

"Oh, of course not. I was sent her to find you. Apparently the 'sexual harassment' complaints were due to lack of follow through, not due to their happening, and you've been rehired." There was a smirk on Letömi's face.

Tanla's eyes narrowed as she leaned back to lie down on the netting. "Oh, I have, have I? I'm just supposed to come running as soon as Vol'jin calls? I don't think so."

"I was supposed to mention Khadgar also apologized for Jaina's behavior."

"Fatuous bitch." Tanla grumbled, "Let her apologize for her own behavior."

"Yeah, that'll happen." Both Blood Elves rolled their eyes. They rocked in their hammocks to the sounds of a splashing frostwolf puppy for a while. "Anyway - it's going to take me at least a couple weeks to find you, so you have plenty of time to think about it. I hear you'll get twice your pay."

"Oh yippee." She made more money from enchantment than she ever did working for the Horde. In fact, when you considered all the costs of a campaign, she lost money. She should really start invoicing Vol'jin for the damages done to her wardrobe.

"Drop!" she ordered to Imogen, "NO!" was quickly added  as Imogen let out a good shake. Water and fur went everywhere. Letömi sighed. "It's a work in progress." She picked up a towel and started wiping off fur and water. A whimper came from Imogen. "Not until I'm dry. Then I'll think about it." A second whimper turned into a whine as Imogen dropped to all fours and gave the sad puppy face. Another sigh from her mistress.

Tanla closed her eyes, she could hear Imogen's tail whumping against the ground in abject misery. "Do you really think they'll believe it took you two weeks to find me?"

"Who's gonna argue? It's a nice place you've got here. How'd you find it?"

"I went into Goblintown, I asked what family business is in direct competition with Gazlowe's family and went and saw what they had. Part of their empire is this resort, so here I am."

Letömi chuckled, "Vicious." She rolled over and looked down at Imogen. "Are you going to do that again?" Sad puppy face answered her. "Of course you are." Letömi shook her head and threw the ball, "Fetch!"  Imogen went bouncing off in wolfy glee. "So, what was it like being married to an Orc?"

Tanla let a slow grin cross her face. "Primal."

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