Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Rabbit Rambles] Two rabbits and a Viking - Oh my!

The nudging wasn't getting him anywhere, so Mr Mick gave a good hard shove into the unmovable object. Said object let out a mumble of curses into the pillow.

"It's a good thing you said that in Danish, or Speedy's mother would be quite upset at you using that kind of language in front of him." Mr Mick told the lump who promptly pulled the covers over his head and buried his face in the pillow.

"I wouldn't know them in English, either." Speedy said with his most put on posh accent and innocent voice.

"Do you drink tea with the queen in that voice?" Mickey asked, sounding vaguely impressed.

"The queen has corgis. They chase bunnies." He shuddered. "Though, I wouldn't mind having tea with the Duchess of Cambridge. She looks like she'd give good head-pets and snacks."

Mick could agree with that logic and turned back to the attempting to sleep viking. He sighed and tapped his hindpaw on the mattress before shoving his head under the arm and sticking nose against neck and wiggling it.

"GARGH!" was the immediate response as the bed monster finally rolled up to glare balefully at Mick. Mick binkeyed off he bed and onto the floor. "What do you want?! It's my day off!"

Mick sniffed and groomed his shoulder. "We want to go for a ride in a long boat."

That got a flat look before Kim flopped back on the bed and pulled the blankets back over his head. The advice he gave sounded somewhat like 'go flush yourself.'

"Tsk. Again with that language." Mickey said with a headshake before hopping back up on the bed and walking up the Dane. "C'mon, we need a human. You're a human, you're not doing anything better."

"I'm sleeping." came the growl.

"You don't sound like you're sleeping." Speedy pointed out in his angelic voice. "You know he's not going to give up."

The blankets were pulled down far enough for a hostile eye to look at Speedy, "How'd you get wrapped up in this? You seem like a nice bun."

"I'm a very nice bun." Speedy agreed, somewhat cheekily. "I've always wanted to ride in a long boat!"

"Why me?" Kim moaned.

"Because Mom said to come pester you instead of her." It was weekly clean-out-the-rabitat day and Mick MAY have been getting underfoot. His humom's suggestion may have been something a bit more forceful. "An' I thought if I'm gonna go bug a viking, I may as well get to ride in a viking ship .. and Speedy was getting bored, so why not bring him too?"

"Nice to meet you, Speedy." Kim mumbled and sighed. "FINE." He sat up again. "Where do you plan on finding a long ship that someone won't notice borrowed and why do you need a human?"

"Do I look like I can row?" Mick snapped. "Sheesh."  He hopped back on the bed and looked up at Kim. "You might want to put some pants on."

"Why didn't I think of that?" The eye-roll just underscored the sarcasm.

Several minutes of fumbling and stumbling later and Kim found himself sitting in his own closet. "Who's driving this thing?"

"Me of course, Speedy has never been there."

"It's true. I'm very excited!" Speedy replied, hopping up and down in place.

"Yaaay." A yawn cracked Kim's face. He closed his eyes and propped his head against the wall. He should probably tidy up his closet more often. It was one thing for rabbits to come and go as they so chose, but sitting on shoes wasn't terribly comfortable. He was wondering if it was possible to rabbit proof a closet to prevent entry on weekend and lie in days when the wall disappeared and he tipped over sideways with a clatter of cleaning implements. The true insult was the bucket that bounced off his head.

Speedy tilted his head at the stream of inventive Danish. "I'm not sure that's anatomically possible or that the banana would enjoy it." the English bunny finally said.

Mr Mick took notes for future reference before putting his ear to the door. "OH!" He snapped a wide plastic strap onto Kim's arm. "You'll need that." He then nosed open the door to show a dim walkway. "C'mon."

Kim stumbled to his feet and rightened the mess in the closet. No reason to be a bad guest, he supposed. He walked out to the hallway and looked suspiciously at the mural on the wall. "I've seen pictures of that."

"Probably! Auntie Lorna posted lots of pictures!" Speedy said, hopping off down the corridor, Mr Mick in hot pursuit.

"Wait.. What?" It was a lot warmer in their new local and the sun was only vaguely in the sky. "What time is it?"

"Let's see, 2pm in Valhalla, means it's 8am here. Ish." Mick answered.

2pm? Oh, he HAD slept in by a lot. Perhaps the rabbit had a point. "Your mom is doing your cage at 8 in the morning?" He asked, following the lagomorphs.

"She woke up at 5, couldn't get back to sleep or something." Mick stopped and looked back and up at Kim. "How do you NOT sleep?"

"Well, first two rabbits invade your room.." was the droll reply.


Kim shook his head and followed for a few more minutes before stopping to look at the sign. "You have got to be kidding me! You want me to get in a NORWEGIAN long boat??"

Mick rolled his eyes, a very impressive talent in a bunny. Speedy covered his mouth with his paws, as if holding in a snicker. "Well, I'd get you in a Danish long boat, but APPARENTLY you're allergic to mice or something because you don't have an exhibit here!"

"Allergic to Americans, more like." Kim muttered into his beard.

"I heard that!"

"My, what big ears you have." Kim gave his best Thor like grin.

A thump of irritation. Speedy was definitely holding snickers behind his paws. "You two are great!" Speedy offered, "Such good friends!"

"We are not friends!" both said in the same breath.

"Right. Silly me!" Speedy said before continuing his hop to the long boat ride at the Norwegian exhibit at DisneyWorld.


  1. Well, that explains all the grumbling about "foo' Vikings" and "should be glad I didn't pee on him" I was hearing recently. ;)

    1. It's a good thing Mick is generous enough to put up with foo' Vikings, I tell ya!