Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[Bunny Stories] ROAD TRIP!


Mr Mick tested the air, standing up on his hind feet sniffing. He could hear two of the men folk snoring their fool heads off, but then he was pretty sure the International Space Station could hear the snoring. His Humom had FINALLY gone to bed. He was starting to think he was going to have to operate a computer interuptus with teeth and a cord. Seriously, didn't humans realize buns had important things to do that they weren't meant to know about? He paused at that thought, he wasn't quite sure that made sense. Fortunately, he had better things to do.

He hopped over to the computer and whipped out a quick group message to Bun-IM and went into the kitchen. He shoved a chair over to the counter to hop onto. He *could* make the counter in one hop, but why strain himself? From the counter it was only a slight scramble and leap to grab the keys from the peg board and land, mostly gracefully, on his feet. It occurred to him after that he probably could have used the chair and stretched up to grab the keys. He wouldn't tell Umbra about that, she'd make fun of him for a week! Keys in mouth, he shoved the chair back under the table and hopped back to the closet.

Jensen was the first to arrive, muttering under his breath about does with attitude and bossy boots who try to steal all the salad and a bunch of other stuff Mick tuned out. He was a bachelor for a reason! Foo' women. "Shoved Buttercup under her nose and she won't notice I'm gone for hours." He gave a good body shake, white fluff disengaging and floating every which way; Mick wasn't worried, his Mom could probably find purple bunny fur and not be too surprised. "Seriously, why does she want me to live with such a nurfleherp?" He sat down with a grump, "Humans!"

Mick kept his amusement to himself, he liked Jensen and sympathized but he was also darn glad it wasn't him!

Speedy didn't take long to arrive, a happy little bounce in his step. "Mums getting so much better at reading sad looks at the garden. She'll be puttering around all day. I have hours!" He looked at Mick, "So what're we up to?"

"We, are going to go for a drive!"

Jensen bolted upright from his lounge, "I heard about your trip with Weasley! NO!" He caught himself before he thumped. "I want to live!"

Mick shook his head and snorted in disgust, "Foo. No, we're takin' Moms Beast. Its got air conditioning!" The three lagomorphs all agreed that was the most important thing in a car.

"Not to be a party pooper," Speedy said as they hopped to the front door, "But, how will you steer *and* reach the peddles?"

"Oh! I had Hannah whip up some controls for me. The X-BOX controller doesn't just work on TV cars anymore!" He paused as he wiggled the door open, "Though, The Boy might miss his controller." The tan lop somehow didn't seem too bothered about this.

With bunny giggles and hops the three managed to get into the large vehicle and the controller hooked up. "Shoulda asked for instructions." Mick muttered at one point. Sure, Hannah had given him very precise instructions, but he hadn't really been listening.

"You'd just eat them." Jensen said, poking Mick's belly.

"Hay! You make it to six without a little extra fluff! Hmph." Happy things were all set up, he scrambled up onto the dash board and directed Jensen and Speedy into fixing the mirrors for him. He didn't think his humom would be real thrilled if he backed into a street lamp.

He released the parking brake and put the CUV into gear, letting it coast down the drive. He quickly had to mentally remap the buttons - the brake was actually the gas! Fortunately, with The Beast not on yet, nothing too terrible happened. Well, Speedy and Jensen both questioned his driving ability, be he reassured him them that he'd been practising on Mario Kart and it was fine!

He got The Beast onto the street, started the engine, and got them turned around and headed down the road. All three rabbits practically binkying in glee. Five minutes passed as they discussed which open-late fast food places had the best salads, when Speedy spoke up, "Uh, not to spoil the party, but where exactly are we going?"

Mick blinked. "I dunno!" He'd thought of all the preplanning stuff, he provided the vehicle, surely someone else could come up with the destination!


  1. The menfolk will be seriously jealous--neither of them have gotten to drive The Beast yet!

  2. Hehehe Thanks Auntie Lorna this is a great start to our boy's night out Hmmm I shall have to thing about where we should go*Speedy puts thnking cap on*,love ya xx Speedy

  3. So this is what happens when I leave and Jensen's big sister is in charge? I knew she was sleeping on the job! Did the boys get to see fireworks?

  4. surprised Umbra didn't take my car while I was away. lol

  5. How do you know she didn't? ;)

    I actually had a mental picture of Speedy yelping "YOU'RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!" but kind of forgot about it when I wrote it. *Cough*